When Was Jrotc Created?

How does the Army Jrotc do things with their schedule?

Hello i am currently going to be establishing An Army Jrotc program and i was wondering how are jrotc schedules? are they daily? once a week? once a month? and what period do they do them? in your oppinion what would be the best type of schedule? it can't be something daily though.

My Son is in JROTC and it is an every day class.

Can I use JROTC ribbons on my AIRSOFT uniform and make them have a different meaning, or is it dis-respectful?

I want to use JROTC awards ribbons for ANOTHER uniform, old BDU, but its for airsoft and not JROTC. Is this dis-respecting the uniform since its a different meaning or do I have to use something else?

I think it is disrespectful to everyone who died defending this country while serving in the JROTC.

4 ways of being promoted to PFC PRIOR to shipping out to Marine MCRD?

JROTC Referral Program College ? please help poolee knowledge test tomorrow!!!

JROTC work I just enlisted since I had four year of JROTC Im going in as E2 PFC. As for the referral I believe you need to refer 2 people to get contracted as PFC.

How many JROTC students actually join the military?

I'm just curious, I'm under the belief that very few students who take JROTC in high school actually join the military, even if they stick it out all the way through. Not many of those who've graduated from my school have joined, and people from other schools say the same. Does anybody know the truth?

Nobody will know on Yahoo Answers but I think majority does. Most of the people joining JROTC is looking for military activities, or wants to live the life being in the military. Or some of there parents made them join JROTC, and the kid liked it, and then joined the military. There are so many variables no one knows for sure.

is it legal for a jrotc instructor to wear his uniform after he retires?

My nephews jrotc instructor sitll wears his uniform to the school but he retired in 98 but he now wears acus like his cadets is that legal. He is a retired Col. he served 24 years. He also wears the new ACU's is he violating the law because i was under the mind he could not wear the current uniform but my nephew was told that he has to keep up with the cadet because my nephew hs the acus from his rotc program.

JROTC instructors in all the Services are required to wear the current service uniform while executing their JROTC duties.

That means that for an Army JROTC instructor, the ACUs are the fatigue uniform as BDUs are no longer authorized for wear.

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