When Was Hhs Founded?

what does this arguement against the HHS mandate on birth control mean?

"The HHS mandate does not help people with Asthama who need inahlers. It does not insure insulin for diabetics"................im confused? doesnt health insurance obviously cover those things?

Yes but not under birth control.

Founders of 13 Colonies?

who were the finders of the 13 colonies in america? For Example Thomas Hooker-Connecticut.......Please... Answer.... Thanks!


Year Founded: 1607
Founded by: London Company
Royal Colony: 1624

Year Founded: 1620
Founded by: Puritans
Royal Colony: 1691
New Hampshire

Year Founded: 1623
Founded by: John Mason
Royal Colony: 1679

Year Founded: 1634
Founded by: Lord Baltimore

Year Founded: c.1635
Founded by: Thomas Hooker
Rhode Island

Year Founded: 1636
Founded by: Roger Williams

Year Founded: 1638
Founded by: Peter Minuit and New Sweden Company
North Carolina

Year Founded: 1653
Founded by: Virginians[/link]
Royal Colony: 1729
South Carolina

Year Founded: 1663
Founded by: Eight Nobles with a Royal Charter from Charles II
Royal Colony: 1729
New Jersey

Year Founded: 1664
Founded by: Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret
Royal Colony: 1702
New York

Year Founded: 1664
Founded by: Duke of York
Royal Colony: 1685

Year Founded: 1682
Founded by: William Penn

Year Founded: 1732
Founded by: James Edward Oglethorpe
Royal Colony: 1752

Why is Obamacare too expensive to fail?

I digress ~~ What the Obama Administration Didn’t Tell You About Obama care Exchange Plan

OBAMA CARE_ Premiums :
Today the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a report regarding premiums and plan offerings in Obama care’s exchanges for next year. Despite the Administration’s claims, premiums are going up due to Obama care—and the quality of the “coverage” is, in many cases, going down.

In both today’s report and an earlier report released in July, HHS claims that premiums are “lower than projected.” HHS bases its claim on a March 2012 Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate stating that premiums for a family would average $15,400 per year on the exchanges. The Administration report claims that weighted average premiums are “16 percent below projections” based on that CBO report—therefore Obama care is lowering premiums.

What HHS didn’t mention is that CBO also estimated in a November 2009 analysis that individually purchased insurance premiums would go up by an average $2,100 per family, due to the increased mandates and requirements included in Obama care. So when HHS says that premiums are “below projections,” it really means that premiums are still going up as a result of Obama care—just by less than originally advertised.

That’s a far cry from candidate Obama’s promise that his health plan would lower premiums by $2,500 per year.

The HHS report also makes claims about a wide variety of plan offerings. What the report didn’t mention is that many of these “new” plans are Medicaid managed care plans, which insurance companies admit “will look a lot like the Medicaid plans we are currently administering.” HHS also didn’t mention that patients object to being placed in a program with low physician reimbursements and poor health outcomes—even some Medicaid patients don’t call the program “real insurance.”

what is electronic health record demonstration project?

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt today applauded the more than 30 communities that have applied for a new demonstration project that will provide Medicare incentive payments to primary care physician practices that use certified electronic health records (EHR) to improve the quality of patient care.

i.e. Physicians that use electronic health records will be rewarded with incentive payments.

How was Hinduism founded?

How was it founded? Who found it? Where? etc.

Hinduism was never founded by a single person, it was based on the Vedas, Upanishads, and other writings, and no one knows who wrote them. But we do know that Hinduism was more or less founded in India.

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