When Was Gravity Discovered?

How can Newton discover gravity while Galileo discovered the gravity principles 50 years before him?

Is it wrong that Newton discovered gravity? How can he discover it when its principle were discovered by Galileo? Does that mean that Galileo is that one who first discovered gravity as a type of force? Or there is another scientist who did, other than these two? Please explain your answer. Thanks in advance.

Gallaleo discovered that gravity pulled on heavy and light objects equally.
That is, heavy objects do not fall faster than lighter objects.

Newton realized that while the earth attracts a falling bowling ball, that same bowling ball also attracts the earth.
That's a very different idea.

They both deserve the credit that the science community awards them.

How do we know reality exists before it is discovered?

Was gravity invented or discovered? If you say discovered, how do we know it was pre-existing. And is it possible to be sure it even exists at all. It can be proved pragmatically, in that it works. But what if we were wrong, there was something completely different causing the concept to "work"?

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what are four factors that led Isaac Newton to discover gravity and motion?

I need to do an essay for my history of western civ. class and I chose the topic of Isaac Newton because it seemed pretty easy but all I can find is that he saw an apple fall off a tree.... I need four things that led him to discovering gravity and motion......Thanks four factors that led him to discovering the laws of gravity and motion...sorry

You'd better make sure whether the apple story is apocryphal or not. Newton didn't really "discover" gravity; people kind of knew that things fall downwards. His great achievement was to work out the law of gravitation, the equations governing gravity and the theory that it applies throughout the universe, not just on earth.

I don't think he discovered motion, either. Everybody already knew about motion. Except Zeno :-)

What are famous milestones in History involving fruits?

For example the apple and Isaac Newton in discovering gravity.

Let me debunk the myth about Newton and the apple. People seem to think that Newton "discovered" gravity by observing an apple fall from a tree. That would mean that prior to Newton, no one in recorded history ever observed that things fall to the ground when you let go of them!

Newton did not discover gravity. People knew about gravity ever since the first caveman dropped a rock. Newton set forth a revolutionary theory that the force that makes the planets go round the sun and makes the moon go around the earth is in fact gravity.

This was a philosophical revolution: the heavens were regarded as quite a different realm from the earth, and the idea that the "divine" heavenly bodies were subject to the same law as "corrupted" earthly matter was a new idea. Furthermore, Newton's law of gravitation was quantitative. So, using mathematics, mere mortals could actually predict (and explain?) what was happening in the heavens. The human race would never regard the relationship between religion and science in the same way again.

The discovery was a result of his development of calculus, not a result of watching a falling apple.

Supposedly, someone once approached Sir Isaac late in life and asked him a naive question about how he "discovered" gravity. Newton was irked at the utter lack of understanding the question revealed and made the sarcastic remark, "I saw an apple fall from a tree."

what did isaac newton have to do to discover gravity and the reflecting telescope?

i have a report on isaac newton!! please help. i need to know the process in which he discovered gravity and the reflecting telescope.

he used his head, which is what you need to do.

He was a dedicated mathematical genius, and after years of work he finally come to his discoveries.

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