When Was Gmail Invented?

is YAHOO MAIL better than GMAIL........???


Gmail is fast, provides huge space which u camn use to store ur files too using some kinda software to do that. But, you need an invitation to open an a/c in gmail, whereas there's no such thing in Yahoo, it has quick sign-up. Yahoo's address book is better than gmail. Gmail provides POP3 access which Yahoo lacks, it means that you can use Outlook Express to check/send ur mails in gmail
Gmail's interface its cleaner(no graphic ads) than Yahoo's
I'll give yahoo: 7 out out 10
gmail: 9 out of 10

how to fix gmail error 102?

This is what gmail's help page says about it.

You're encountering a known issue with Gmail that our engineers are actively investigating.

In the meantime, please try signing in to Gmail through our secured interface, available via https://mail.google.com.

We also recommend enabling the 'Always use https' setting in Gmail by following these steps:

Sign in to Gmail.
Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.
Set 'Browser Connection:' to 'Always use https.'
Click Save Changes.
Reload Gmail.
If you continue to experience difficulties, please access the older version of Gmail by clicking Older version at the top of any Gmail page or by going to http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=1&ov=1.

Best email system ever invented?

What is the best email system out there right now? I've heard people say either yahoo or gmail, but I bet there are others too. By "best" I'm mostly referring to its interface and format, like how easily it is to search, view, and organize emails.

Still Gmail.

How to Fix Gmail From Freezing?

Okay so whenever i go to gmail it just freezes.I tried to refresh but it wont work! any sujestions?

Here's a few things I would suggest:

1. Try accessing Gmail from a different browser.
2. Switch Gmail to HTML mode when logging in (see source).

It sounds most likely a browser issue. Either your browser has a lot of plug in or add ons and it is messing up Gmail from loading.

what is gmail.?

i really dont know what gmail is.

Gmail is a free web based email from Google. However, one can't simply register and have gmail account like other free web based email accounts. You need to have someone who has gmail account to invite you to open the account.

If you want more info about gmail, go to www.gmail.com

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