When Was Galatians Written?

what are the theories of the book of Galatians being writen to the South?

like why do some people think that Galatians was written to the south?

there were southern churches and northern Churches set up in Galatia.
Paul wrote this letter to one or both of the groups.

When was the earliest book of the New Testament written?

Scholars generally agree that the first book of the New Testament written was First Thessalonians, written around 51 A.D. There is some discussion that Galatians might have been written in 49 A.D.


books of the epistles?

what are the book of the epistles and who wrote them and what about the acts of the apostlies

"Epistle" simply means a literary letter which was intended to be published and read by the general public. This was an established literary style as early as the 4th century BCE. The general epistles were apparently letters to churches and individuals written to handle specific topics. They usually started with a salutation, "followed often by the main body of the letter...rounded off by more or less personal messages."
Romans - 16 chapters, written by Paul
1 Corinthians - 16 chapters, written by Paul
2 Corinthians -13 chapters, written by Paul
Galatians - 6 chapters, written by Paul
Ephesians - 6 chapters, written by Paul
Philippians - 4 chapters, written by Paul
Colossians - 4 chapters, written by Paul
1 Thessalonians - 5 chapters, written by Paul
2 Thessalonians - 3 chapters, written by Paul
1 Timothy - 6 chapters, written by Paul
2 Timothy - 4 chapters, written by Paul
Titus - 3 chapters, written by Paul
Philemon - 1 chapter, written by Paul
Hebrews - 13 chapters, probably written by Paul, possibly someone else
The General Epistles

The general epistles are not addressed to anyone in particular, but rather to Christians overall. Of these, three were written by John, two by Peter, and one each by James and Jude.

James - 5 chapters, written by James
1 Peter - 5 chapters, written by Peter
2 Peter - 3 chapters, written by Peter
1 John - 5 chapters, written by John
2 John - 1 chapter, written by John
3 John - 1 chapter, written by John
Jude - 1 chapter, written by Jude
The epistles provide approximately 38% of the New Testament.


Actually, the book of Acts is not considered an epistle though it is written by Paul. It is exactly as it reads the acts (verb) of the Apostles in forming the of the Church.

What are the epistles in the Bible?

An epistle is a literary genre (category) that is in the form of a letter intended to be published and read by the general public. The epistles in the Bibe are all found in the New Testament and usually fall under the folowing categories:

A. The Pauline Epistles: these are letters written by the Apostle Paul

1 and 2 Corinthians
1 and 2 Thessalonians
1 and 2 Timothy

B. The Johannine Epistles: these are letters attributed to the Apostle John

1 , 2 and 3 John

C. The Petrine Epistles: these letters were written by the Apostle Peter

1 and 2 Peter

D. The remaining epistles: written by various authors


how long after jesus died was the new testament written?

If you will get a Bible, a regular Bible, you will find at the beginning of each book there is an explaination, a preface telling who and when the Bible was written.

The NT was not written all at once. It was written by a number of people over a period of years. There are eye witness accounts of Jesus's death, burial and resurrection in there. Paul, Peter, John are authors, as well as others.
The books were not all kept together at the time. They were written , hidden,
passed along and then assembled into the Bible we have today.

John was exiled on the Island of Patmos for one book, call him John the Revelator. (Did you see the movie about John the Revelator.)
Matthew was a hated publican tax collector who wrote Matthew in about A.D. 37. The Gospel according to St Mark, or the book of Mark was written by
Mark, or John Mark,who was the nephew of Barnabus . His mother was named Mary. He wrote Mark in about A.D. 57-63. His writings cover a period of about seven years. Luke, the physician, was a Jew of Antioch as was Paul the Apostle: Luke wrote the book of Luke AD 63-68. This book covers a period of about 39 years. St John's Gospel was written by the Apostle John around A.D. 85-90. St. John covers about seven years. The Acts of the Apostles were written by Luke. He continues the book of Luke, refers to it.
He tells about Paul's ministry in Rome around A.D. 65. Acts covers a period of about 32 years.
Paul's epistles, the Apostle Paul..the one converted on the Damascus Road, who killed Christians for a living, the Roman Soldier who converted to Christianity....his epistles are believed to be 1 & 2 Thessalonians, I and II Corinthians, Galatians, Romans, Philemon, Colossians, Ephesians, Philippians, I Timothy, Titus, II Timothy, Hebrews authorship is questioned.
Thessalonians was written from Corinth, A.D. 54 before he left Thessalonica, see Acts 16,17. It is the earliest of his letters.
Romans was written from Corinth during his second visit there, in A.D. 60.
I Corinthians was written in A.D. 59 after Paul spent three years in Ephesus.
II Corinthians A.D. 60 probably from Philippi. I and II Corinthians have an
interrelationship with Acts. II Corinthians follows the events of Acts 19-20.
Galatians was written by Paul around A.D. 60 during his 3rd trip to Corinth.
Ephesians was written byPaul from Rome in A.D. 64. It is first of the Prison Epistles. Refer to Acts 20-28. Philippians is also a prison epistle. (Epistle means letter.) Was Paul was imprisoned once or twice? The date Phillipians was written is thought to be A.D.64. Colossians is thought to have been written at the same time as Ephesians and Philemon.
The date of the writing of the Book of Timothy is questioned . It may have been written or between prison years.
a little while before he went to Jerusalem for the last time. This book was written shortly before Paul was martyred. Timothy is the beloved son to whom he refers.
The Book of Titus is closely related to I Timothy. Philemon was written from prison in A.D. 64.
The authorship of Hebrews is questioned, but widely attributed to Paul
by Bible scholars. See II Peter 3:15 . Hebrews was written before the destruction of the Temple, A.D. 70. The Epistle of James was written by James the Just. He was referred to by Paul in connection with the church at Jerusalem in Galations 2:9. James was martyred in A.D. 62, before Paul wrote Galatians and Romans. The Apostle Peter wrote I Peter A.D. 60.
II Peter A.D. 66. In II Peter and II Timothy the writers know they are going to be martyred, see II Timothy 4:6, and II Peter I:14.
I, II, III John was written by the Apostle John A.D. 90. Jude was written by Jude, the brother of James, in A.D. 66. The Revelation of St. John the Divine was written by the Apostle John in A.D. 96. It is a book of prophecy: the book was written from the Island of Patmos by John when he was in exile.

Thank you for asking this. I needed to do a little Sunday Bible Study.

Paul, the apostle, lived free when he lived in sin. He went to prison for
being a Christian. If he could be forgiven for what he did before he was
saved , or converted, on the Damascus Road, anyone can if they repent
and turn to the Lord.

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