When Was Eharmony Founded?

May I know what is eharmony?..?

eHarmony is an online relationship website. eHarmony matches men and women with singles of the opposite sex. At eHarmony, they deliver more than just dates. It's their goal at eHarmony to match you with the best possible person for you and they are eager to provide you with the best dating experience that they possibly can. This is best site for online dating..

get eharmony for free?

is there ANY way to get eharmony free for a week? or even for a few days? if so, please let me know!

I've looked around to see if you can get it for free and I haven't been able to find any kind of promotion like that. If you want a eHarmony discount, I found a site that gives you cash back of almost 35% of what you spend at eHarmony. That's pretty good savings. I'll leave the link for you.

How do i cancel my eHarmony account?

How do i cancel my eHarmony account?


Your complete guide:
How to cancel eHarmony on the link below:

Have a nice day!!!!

Is eHarmony the best online dating site? Is there an eharmony promo code to utilize for it?

I'm trying to gather information about eHarmony and whether it really is a site with 'results'? Turns out, about 20 million of us have registered on it! phew! Are you one of them? What's the procedure? How much does it cost? Please share your experience!


See if you can utilize one of their eHarmony deals. Some of these might be useful to you:
“Save 20% on a 6-month subscription”, “Save 17% on a 12-month subscription” “Receive a Free Personality Profile” “Check Your Matches for Free”

If you simply want to check the site out, you can just go to the eHarmony site and try it for free for a limited period, I believe. Good luck!

What are your honest Opinions About Match.com or EHarmony.com?

I've been told by several people that I should try and see if either match.com or eharmony.com would work for me. What are your honest opinions about them? PS: I am only considering these because I am a professional single that does not enjoy the "clubbing and bar scene." Please do not leave negative comments. Thank you. I will be giving a best answer for a honest opinion.

Funny you should ask; I just deleted my profile from eHarmony because I'm too poor from paying for college to pay to find my soul mate at the same time.
As a psychology major, eHarmony preaches a lot of things that are pretty well-founded. It's true that people should look for someone with similar interests and ambitions in the long run, and they do run a range of personality tests that are pretty good.
I don't know much about match.com, but at a glance, it looks like it's a lot more impersonal that eHarmony and based mostly on who is available, which is not always the best idea--what's always available isn't always good.
I'm personally terrified of "meeting" someone online because there are so many creepers out there, but then again, there are also wonderful singles just like you appear to be who want to meet someone. Just be careful, especially about freely giving out personal information.

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