When Was Cyrenius Governor Of Syria?

Did Jesus have a twin brother at brith that happened to be a flux capacitor, or what caused the time flux?

Matthew says he was born when Herod was King of Judea. Luke says he was born when Cyrenius was Governor of Syria. He could not have been born during the administration of these two rulers for Herod died in the year 4 B.C., and Cyrenius, who, in Roman history is Quirinius, did not become Governor of Syria until ten years later. Herod and Quirinius are separated by the whole reign of Archelaus, Herod's son.

Great Scott!

Note, In the Bible, Archelaus is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew. According to Matthew 2:13-23, Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled to Egypt to avoid the Massacre of the Innocents. When Herod the Great died, Joseph was told by an angel in a dream to return to Israel (presumably to Bethlehem). However, upon hearing that Archelaus had succeeded his father as ruler of Judaea he "was afraid to go thither" (Matthew 2:22), and was again notified in a dream to go to Galilee. This is Matthew's explanation of why Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea but grew up in Nazareth.
And The Gospel of Luke links the birth of Jesus to a "world-wide" census ordered by Augustus carried out while Quirinius was governor of Syria; however

So He would have needed some huge time flux to be born at the time of both events.

Christians can you reconcile these apparent contradictions for me?

. . . between the birth of Christ in Luke and in Matthew. According to Luke: Luke 2 say that Joseph and Mary are living in Nazareth, but because of a census when Cyrenius (AKA Quirinius to give him his Roman name) was governor of Syria they had to travel all the way from Nazareth to Bethlehem. There is no room in the inn, so they stop in a stable and Jesus is born and laid in a manger. They then travel on to Jerusalem, then back home to Nazareth where Jesus grows up. According to Matthew: Matthew 2 says that Jesus is born in Bethlehem, apparently in the family home, during the reign of Herod the Great. The three Magi come to their house and visit, then depart. Joseph is warned by an angel that he must flee. So Joseph, Mary and Jesus flee to Egypt where they live for some time until Herod the Great dies and they consider it safe to return. So they are heading home but discover that Herod Archelaus rules the area including Bethlehem, so they head north to Galilee and settle in Nazareth. This is further evidence that they had lived in Bethlehem, not Nazareth. There are several problems with this. Date of the birth - Quirinius/Cyrenius did not become governor of Syria (and Judea) until after Herod Archelaus was removed from power. One of these accounts has to be wrong. Census - people did not travel huge distances for a census. Why does Luke say that they did? Luke says that Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth and returned via Jerusalem to Nazareth. Matthew says they lived in Bethlehem fled to Egypt and then moved to Nazareth. Which is right and which is wrong? If they were afraid of Herod the Greats son, Herod Archelaus such that they were afraid to return to Bethlehem, why were they not afraid of Herod the Great's son Herod Antipas? Why not go to Syria, or the Decopolis cities where they would not have any of Herod the Great's sons over them? If one of these accounts is seriously wrong, then what does that say about the rest of that particular gospel? Edit: O.K. T68, lets ignore mainstream thought and drop the census timing issue. What about the rest of it? Why travel for a census? Where did they live? What route did they follow ot get from Bethlehem to Nazareth? What does it mean for the rest of that gospel if one of these accounts is seriously wrong? Edit: O.K. T68, lets ignore mainstream thought and drop the census timing issue. What about the rest of it? Why travel for a census? Where did they live? What route did they follow ot get from Bethlehem to Nazareth? What does it mean for the rest of that gospel if one of these accounts is seriously wrong? What is this? Why can people not answer these questions? We have two responses to the census, but nothing else, (one of which got deleted ! - Not me guys) one on genealogy - where the heck in my question do I ask about genealogy? - one about the death of Mary and aliens, and a few saying "just have faith" So basically none of you can answer this. It does appear to be a valid contradiction.

When you are essentially dealing with material made up on the fly, you can make go which ever way you want. Before I get burned as a heretic here remember the Council of Nicaea where it is possible all the bit that didn't make sense either suddenly got a make over or were just conveniently removed.

Me I would put more faith in what Josephus wrote rather than Luke, I can be pretty certain Josephus was one man and not the pen name of many...

How is the Syria conflict going? will Syria give away the Chemical weapons!?

syria would give away their chemical weapon on voluntary basis, not forced obligation.

usa and france has no right to impose chapter 7 -right to use force if they fail to comply.

after all, syria has no obligation to turn over their chemical weapon .

usa and uk try to use backdoor deal to stage a legitimate attack on syria.

since they fail to get approval of un , they try to make it as if "syria fail to comply with un request"
thus, they have legitimate reason to attack syria,.

similar tactic in iraq.

would usa bear the cost of transporting all these chemical weapon and destroy in usa homeland?

What do you think will happen in Syria?

What do you think should be done? Do you think Syria will be the new Libya? It's actually an Indian baby. Gotta a problem bych. I like babies. Can't say I like your self hating ways.

What is happening in Syria is beyond terrible: it is a crime against humanity. As for what is going to happen? Wow! Nobody really knows. It looks to me that the whole intire middle east is going toward the unknown. There are certainly many theories one of which is that Asad will be replaced by an Islamist government. The Middle East will eventually be Islamified. That may then lead to a western intervention. As for whether Syria could be another Lybia, no no no. Syria does not have the petrol Lybia has. I have a feeling that the map of the Middle East will change. As a Lebanese person, I do worry about what's going to happen in Lebanon as anything happening in Syria effects Lebanon too. It has in fact started effecting the North of Lebanon already.

Why is Syria revolting?

I've tried looking up news articles about it but i can't find anything too useful. What is the Syrian government? Why was it flawed? Why is the U.S interested in getting involved? At first i thought Syria could have been a communist state and the U.S supported to revolution in hopes of it becoming capitalist but I've been told that Syria isn't communist and now I am just lost... Does anyone know anything? :/

The nature of developments in Syria is quite different from events in other regional countries like Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia.
In these countries, people want a real Islamic system and the uprisings are against dictatorship.... But you can see the hands of the US government and the zionist regime behind the so-called protests in Syria (and many Syrian people are against those protesters). They are attempting to incite trouble and disorder by making efforts to simulate in Syria the uprisings that took place in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya.
America's governemnt and the zionists are the enemy of Syria's government and does everything to reach their own benefits...Because Syria is the frontline state in the resistance against the 'Zionist regime

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