When Was Aquaman Created?

How come Aquaman wears a shirt underwater?

Initially, Paul Norris, the first Aquaman artist, probably had Aquaman wear the green and orange costume, complete with an orange "scaled" shirt so readers wouldn't mistake Aquaman for Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. The Sub-Mariner had been appearing in comic books almost four years, when Aquaman's first story was published.

how did aquaman got his super powers?

in DC universe there is a hero named aquaman, i don't know anything about him so just can you tell me his abilities and superpowers and from where he got this powers and how he became a superhero named aquaman, etc. look i already had checked in internet about him but i got confused in his powers. so you tell me better.

well with the current character of aquaman. he is the king of Atlantis an underwater kingdom. he can speak to sea animals n bring them to aid him. his main weapon is a trident. n he is able to use magic water o.o

Why does Aqualad have better powers than Aquaman?

Aquaman communicates telepathically with fish, which is impressive, but useless in combat and technically there's no way to prove he's actually using a power at all. Aqualad has water elemental powers, which is pretty damn useful and has a huge potential for bada'ss (hydraulic drill, anyone?). Isn't that kinda the opposite of how these things work? Isn't the hero supposed to have better powers than the sidekick? What gives?

Everything benefits from a rewrite. Aqualad was created after the writers saw what was wrong with Aquaman. Upgrade.

So I am thinking of cosplaying as Aquaman at Dragoncon this year. What are the chances i'll be made fun of?

Despite him being the butt of nearly 98% of the DC world. I actually like Aquaman. So much, in fact, that I am going to attempt a cosplay at Dragon this year. What are the chances i'll be made fun of? just in general what do you all think?

Unless your costume is really bad, I'd hope little to none. Making fun of cosplayers is extremely rude no matter what their character is. I saw an Aquaman at NYCC and his costume was absolutely fantastic and all-out (every last detail including a huge trident), he was always swarmed by photographers and most likely got hundreds of complements. If you really like Aquaman, go for it!

spider-man vs. aquaman?

Aquaman. It seems that there hasnt been a single comic book fan in all of hte answers other than fan boys that watch the tv show or hte movies.

Aquaman not only possess stronger strength than Spiderman, Aquaman is also the 2nd highest telepath in the DCU. This is how he is able to control animals, not "talk".

Aquaman has also lost his weakness out of hte water a long time ago when he got hte "Hand of Water" story arch. He can stay out of hte water for hours at time and aquaman is trained in martial arts, something spiderman isnt. Even in teh latest Civil War issues, Spiderman has always reacted with speed and agility, not training. In hand to hand combat, Authur Curry would win.

While spiderman can retreat at will and run away, in a straight head to head battle, aquaman would win. Aquaman has taken down superman by flooding hte lungs of superman with water and taking him down. Same concept with spiderman. Aquaman also has enchanced strength and defense, much more than spiderman. This fight is a no brainer. If nessesary, Authur curry can just get close and scramble Spiderman's brains before he even knew what was going on.

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