When Was Aca Passed?

Do Liberals deny any of these facts about ACA?

ACA contains many new taxes which effect all income brackets including the poor and middle class ACA sets minimum standards for insurance plans forcing many Americans to buy coverage they don't need/want ACA will still leave 20-30 Million uninsured Congress is receiving subsidies to pay for ACA coverage because they feared it would be too expensive otherwise

Liberals are idiots. They blindly support ACA. They don't even know whats in it!

My recollection is that health insurance companies?

were jacking up rates by double digits annually, before Barack Obama was ever elected. According to some here, premiums did not increase until the ACA passed, and they claim that rates are being raised BECAUSE of ACA (as if rates weren't being jacked up WITHOUT ACA)... Is my recollection correct? Were health insurance companies routinely jacking up rates by double-digits annualy before Obama was elected? Or, are health insurance companies only jacking up rates because of the passage of ACA?

All do to liberal rules regulations an mandates .So to fix it BHO passes a law with 2,300 pages of more of the same .Health care was cheap till government got hold of it in the last 40 years.

Did the legislators actually read ACA before they passed it?

it's only 2000+ pages long for sure Obama didn't write it. Did he even read it?

Nobody had enough time to read all that.
I heard Rand Paul make a statement that he would like to have a Bill passed that would require at least 1 full day to read 10 pages of any legislation before it can be put up for a vote..
Now I don't know how many actual pages made up the ACA Bill.
I heard at first 2,300 pages, then 3,000 pages, then 900 pages and now 2,000 pages.
If a law was passed that required 1 day for every 10 pages, then it would have taken over 6 months just to read the Bill, but the Democrat Majority in Congress and the Senate just rammed that Bill right down the Tax Payers' throats, with no feedback or compromise from Republicans.

Can you buy a plan through ACA, even if your employer offers a company plan?

I compared plans as our employer plan is garbage. I compare to private and ACA plans, and the ACA plan would be cheaper. But can I buy through ACA since the company offers a plan?

Yes you can, but you would not be eligible for the government subsidies, so be careful when comparing prices.

Why are Republican governors like John Kasich expanding Medicaid?

Isn't this accepting some of the provisions of the ACA by Kasich? What's going on? I wonder what fellow Ohioan Boehner thinks after putting repeal of the ACA up to a vote in the House 40 times. Do these guys even talk with each other? Governors were not required to expand Medicaid under the ACA, and some did not.

Maybe they have a lot of uninsured people in Ohio and he is up for re-election. Thats the only time Republicans support social programs.

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