When Did Yahoo Go Public?

How can I make my Yahoo Groups Calendar Public?

I want to display it on a website for all to see? Is this possible. I want non-yahoo members or group members to view it?

Yahoo calendar is public to the Yahoo users. you have to be logged into your ID in order to view it and when the group settings option says public, they mean the public of Yahoo, not the whole web public. no, you can put it on a different web site. sorry

Yahoo public chat room service really terminating on dec 14 2012?

The notification is showing on every messenger that Yahoo is closing many services .And Yahoo public chat room service is one of them.Anyone knows ,why are they planning to close ? and when they will be back?

If they close yahoo rooms , they lost many many user and better say they close yahoo service.

when did yahoo first have public chatrooms?

Does anyone know the date Yahoo first introduced chatrooms? Not messy, just public chat?

Yahoo Inc. entered the world of online chat services in early 1996, according to the company's media relations website. In partnership with iChat Inc., the launch of Yahoo Chat was announced on January 7 and included basic features such as the option to create rooms, use emoticons and send private messages.


Good Luck to You.

Are there any prizes for winning a yahoo public fantasy baseball league?

So I just won a Rotesserie Public League on Yahoo Sports! I was just wondering if there was any kind of prize for winning the league... One time, I saw a guy with a T-shirt that said that he was the league champion of yahoo public league ######, 2006. So I was wondering if you could get a shirt or any other prize after you win a public league... plz clear this up for me!

No sir, you get NOTHING when you pay nothing. each winner will be able to join a winners public league NEXT season. you will be matched up w/ winners from other like leagues.

you WILL notice what i call a "dustless trophy" in your fantasy profile. you can't show in off on your fireplace BUT, you won't have to dust around it.

CONGRATS on winning your league & good luck next season!!!!!!

What is the phone number to yahoo for help?

What is the phone number for yahoo to get technical help? My yahoo email is deleting my emails as fast as they come in. I need help!!!

Are you sure you are logging off before you leave a public computer? Yahoo does NOT delete emails. Change your password if you suspect someone is tampering with your account.
One possibility is that your browser is out of date and the email page is not working properly. With IE click Tools and then Windows Update. You might also consider going back to the Mail Classic.
You can contact yahoo customer care. Follow this link:
There is a phone number there.

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