When Did Utah Join The Union?

When a company has a union attached to it, are the workers allowed to not join the union if they wish, or are?

they forced to join the union if they want to work?

In right-to-work states, like mine (Oklahoma) and many states in the South, unions can not force newly hired workers to join the union. These laws serve to put rights back into the hands of the worker, rather than the union. They also diminish the union's power.

Are you required to join the Teacher's Union in NJ?

Are teachers required to join the Union...or are they just encouraged? Thanks! :)

Usually it is highly recommended that teachers join their local union. It is never a requirement. But also consider that the union insures the teacher in the event of a lawsuit, if you decide to not be part of the union, you're on your own if and when a lawsuit happens. Even without lawsuits, the union backs up the teacher when filing grievance, when protecting your contractual rights, and such. Regardless if the teacher joins the union or not, the teacher will still be affected with bargains made by the union affecting benefits or pay. There's just much more benefits being part of the union than not.

would jesus join a workers union?

I live in a right to work state (utah) and basicly want to know the Christian thing to do with the option to join a workers union. i just got a job at company negotiated by a union (ATU) and dont think the whole idea is very...'christ-like' what do you think.

Yes - or at least, I think that joining a trade union is the 'Christian' thing to do (which I suppose means the same thing). Jesus' mission includes the struggle for justice for the powerless and downtrodden in this world, and so long as trade unions struggle for justice and equity rather than power, they too represent the Christian mission in the world.

Did Utah join the Confederate States of America?

I've heard that they wanted to.

No. Utah was a territory during the Civil War (AKA the War of Southern Rebellion) and could not secede. However there were confederate sympathizers all over the country, as there were many who wished to remain in the Union all over the country. This includes the Territories.

Is it legal for union officials to pressure employees to join the union?

My wife is a teacher. And she constantly has people coming in to her classroom asking her to join the union. She is the only teacher in the school who isn't a member. She just doesn't like unions. I think it really drives them crazy that she won't join. Is it legal for them to keep harassing her? We live in Texas which is a right to work state. Which I though meant you didn't have to join a union if you don't want to.

It's not legal for them to enter her classroom or even be on the school grounds.

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