When Did Ultimate Warrior Die?

Answer by ed on Mar 3 2014

Ultimate Warrior Died on April 8th 2014, He was 54 years old at the time of his death.

What ever happened to the Ultimate Warrior, WWF (1990's)?

The Ultimate Warrior did not die! Some of you people need to do a background check. The Ultimate Warrior, Jim Hellwig, called "Warrior Warrior" now was fired from the WWE because he wanted more money to do matches because he thought he was something more than other wrestlers. Therefore when Vince decided not to pay him more, he decided not to do a match that was scheduled for a PPV until he got how much money he desired. After the match though, the WWE fired him.

He came back a few years later but again became a jerk because he didn't show up for certain house shows and was promptly fired.

Afterwards he went to WCW, feuded with Hogan for awhile then became tough to work with and was eventually released.

Bottom line is Warrior has a big head. He thinks he is on the level as Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg and deserves to be treated as such. The "Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" DVD explains a lot more. But Warrior right now is trying to sue WWE for spreading false rumors on the DVD. In my opinion, the Warrior is just making more enemies than friends and I doubt we will ever see him in wrestling again.

Did the original Ultimate Warrior die?

I thought doink the clown was the only wrestler in wwe to be played by different guys. A guy told me that the ultimate warrior I remember watching( summerslam 92, wrestlermania 7 ect) died and he was replaced with someone else. True?

I don't think he died...James is still alive

(WWE) Ultimate Warrior Vs The Boogeyman, Who Will Win?

Warior and the Boogeyman in the same ring? Scary! I want you to write out how this match will go down, the best storyline will receive 10 points!

Ultimate Warrior runs down to the ring then The Boogeyman makes a suprise apperance from under the ring then Warrior starts off by pushing Boogeyman to the turnbuckle and Warrior runs to do the clothesline to Boogeyman. Boogeyman ducks Warrior stops and looks behind him and Boogeyman powerslams him then Warrior gets fired up and hits the ref on accident and the ref doesnt notice so Boogeyman low blows Warrior and.........

Pro Wresling WWF Ultimate Warrior?

Why Did Ultimate Warrior leave WWF ?

He was missing advertised appearances. Warrior claimed this was because his father died but Warrior hadnt seen or commincated with his father in 10 years so Vince thought that was fishy and had to fire him. Thats the story in short. This is what led to his 1996 release which was his last WWF tenture.

how much money has the ultimate warrior made out of royalties on the self destruction of ultimate warrior dvd?


The Ultimate Warrior hasn't made anything in royalties from his dvd as he refused to work with WWE in its promotion or be involved in the making of it.Warrior never forgave Vince for firing him in 1996 over breach of contract ( which he still disputes ) and then refused to work with him on the dvd claiming bias which made him look bad.He tried to get an injunction stopping it, lost that and any future royalties.Which is why he filed a lawsuit against WWE in January 2006 as he thought the dvd makes him look bad.

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