When Did Ul Listing Start?

How to I delete an ongoing ebay listing?

I have a listing on ebay that has no bids but has a watcher and I forgot to say the defects. How do I edit/delete this listing?

Just go into your SELLING screen after signing in to ebay. The listing will be there and there will be links for your to edit it. Or you click ON the listing when you are signed in and it will bring it up with links to do the editing there.

business listing yahoo local uk?

Can I put a uk business listing on yahoo local? All I find is a website here http://beta.listings.local.yahoo.com/signup which is so designed around the USA that it does not allow me to proceed with a UK telephone number. I am working my way through various free listing sites, but is there in fact any UK base Yahoo business listing available (equivalent to Google+) which would help with search engine visibility for my business? Please don't provide link to the Yahoo.com site because it doesn't work for the UK.

UK business listing on yahoo local is unavailable. Apart from yahoo local listing you can list up your business to other listing websites. Some of such websites are


eBay--As a seller, can I change what information is displayed after an auction is over?

I sold something on eBay, and I meant to make it a private listing but I forgot to check off on it. I wrote in my listing that it was a private auction. Someone bought the item, and it was already processed. Then I realized that I didn't make it a private listing after all. After the listing, is there any way that I can change what info in displayed to the eBay public?

You cannot change it after the auction had ended, but you can edit your listing by going to my ebay and click on selling and then there should be a drop down menu on your item.

How can i end a ebay listing?

Ok i am selling iPod touch on ebay and somebody sent me a message saying the he will give me 200$ for it and i need it but he wants me to end the listing early for him so i could sell it to him but i know how to end the listing but i dont know how to end the listing and still sell it to him

Don't sell the item off ebay to anyone. If you want to put a buy it now on the item for the $200, go to the item on your selling page and click on it, then when the page comes up hit the revise your item and then you can scroll through the listing until you come to the price and add your buy it now price. Let the buyer know after you do this and they can then buy it immediately. No need to end the listing.

How do you keep track of inventory when you list an item in a ebay store?

I want to list an item in my ebay store with quantity of 12 pieces. How will I know when to relist this item? I dont want to relist after each sale, and have duplicate items listed in my ebay store. Any suggestions? Or just list them 1 by 1 as they sell and relist?

If you are listing the item in your eBay Store, it's a fixed price listing. If you put the qualtity available at 12, and the term of the listing as "Until cancelled", you won't have to relist the item at all. The listing will continue after each sale until all 12 items have been sold. Each time an item is sold, the # available on the listing will reduce by one until it is at zero, at which time the listing automatically closes.

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