When Did Tdap Become Available?

How long does the Tdap vaccine last?

I had the tdap vaccine when I was 10 or 11 years old, I am now 15, I was wondering how long protection will last and when I should get another one.

It's good for 10 years. You'll need your next at about 20. If you are an immigrant and don't know if you had the Tdap more than just that injection at 10, then you need to speak to your doctor about that. Some adults, who did not have the vaccinate as a child, do not develop the proper antibodies after only one injection.

How much does the Tdap and Td shot hurt?

I'm getting one of them in like an hour or two at the doctors for 7th grade, and when it comes to needles I am so scared. How much does it hurt? On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do they hurt? Rate both of them. Oh and if I get the Td do I also need to get the Tdap?

Usually if you only get the Tdap (Tetanus) shot but also get the Meningococcal and the Varicella (chicken pox.) The Tetanus hurts the most, but it goes away in like two seconds. The other two don't hurt so bad. The best thing to do is relax every muscle in your body otherwise, it hurts more. Good luck, hope I helped.

Is it normal to feel kind of weak after a double dose of hep b and TDap vaccine?

I am one of the like 10% of people who don't easily develop antibodies to hep b from the regular vaccine. My doctor (an infectious disease expert) decided to try to double dose, and I also got TDap. This was yesterday...I was fine until about 2pm today when I started to feel exhausted, like I can barely sit up. And really hungry...I just ate a whole small load of bread o_O. Think the vaccines are prolly causing this or am I imagining it?

Could be. I just got the TDap and chicken pox and almost got the hep b and i feel a little odd. Your body doesn't particularly like needles stuck into you and viruses injected into you, dead or not. The point is, it is most likely just a normal side affect. if this continues for a long period of time you should probably see your doctor. Get some rest, drink some water and see how long it lasts. My arm is so sore! O.o

Is it possible for the TDAP vaccine to cause a missed period?

im like 2 weeks late & i got my shot along with a PPD like 3 or 4 weeks ago.. im pretty worried.. yes i am sexually active.. i took 2 pregnancy test they both came up negative. please be serious.

TDAP isn't supposed to do that at all. Neither is PPD. PPD is just a tuberculosis skin test and isn't supposed to react unless you have the disease, in which the spot where they put the needle looks unusual.

I got both of those vaccines and that never happened to me. You should go to the gyn to make sure if you're actually pregnant or if something else is going on. Better safe than sorry!

Is it against the law for schools to require Tdap shots for students?

Is it against the law for California Schools to have a requirement of a Tdap shot for entering school. If you don't get the shot then you can not attend school. I don't mind getting the shot but I think it's ridiculous being forced to get vaccinated. Is there any way a parent can write a letter to the school telling them their child will not receive the vaccine? It's America right, free country? My ASS.

Your parent can either sign an exemption form, or write a letter to the school saying the vaccine is against his or her beliefs.

The exemption form is called the Personal Beliefs Exemption form (CDPH 8261). All middle schools and high schools in California are supposed to have this form in the school office.

Or, according to section 120365 of the California Health and Safety Code, a parent can write a letter to the school saying the vaccine is against his or her beliefs.

@MRS A. The form you linked to is for every vaccine except Tdap. The Tdap requirement is a new law, and there is a different exemption form for it. Or, like you and I said, a parent can write their own letter.

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