When Did Syria Gain Independence?

To stabilize Iraq, Why don't we just let the Kurds gain independence and form a soverign country ?

for freedom and democracy ? Not to mention, they happened to sit on some large oil reserves and less violent than the other 2 prominent groups in Iraq. Should we let the kurds gain independence and will it help the US in any way ?

Just because the Kurds are one of the few ethnic groups cooperating with the US in Iraq, doesn't mean a move toward independence on their part would stablize the region.

In fact, I think Turkey might be the first country to invade followed closely by Syria.

When did Arab countries gain independence?

Was it during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War? And did their dynasties collapse after this, or continue?

Egypt (independence from the UK) = 28 February 1922
Sudan (independence from the UK) = 1 January 1956
Jordan (Independence from the UK) = was originally known as Transjordaan and was indented for Arabs to live there or you may better know them as 'Palestinians') = 25 May 1946
Syria (Independence from France) = in 1941,
not recognised until 1 January 1944
Lebanon (Independence from France) = 26 November 1941
Saudi Arabia = May 20 1927
Iraq (From the United Kingdom) = 3 October 1932

Most of them got independence before the Arab-Israeli War

How did India gain its independence?

in other words, why did the British empire gave India its independence?

yes, Gandhi made a big role in order for India to attain independence. he encouraged Indians to do the ahimsa and the satyagraha or simply "truth-force". this kind of protest is too do civil disobedience against the government. indians also established parties to gain autonomy and eventually independence to Britain. examples of these parties are the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League. well, those hardships succeeded because they were able to gain independence at August 15, 1947.

how many cities are named independence in the US?

There are 16 cities in the US names Independence and i have listed them below for you>>

Independence, California
Independence, Iowa
Independence, Kansas
Independence, Kentucky
Independence, Louisiana
Independence, Michigan
Independence, Minnesota
Independence, Mississippi
Independence, Missouri
Independence, Ohio
Independence, Oregon
Independence, Pennsylvania
Independence, Texas
Independence, Virginia
Independence, West Virginia
Independence, Wisconsin

Effect of India gaining independence on the African independence movement post WWII?

what effect did Gandhi and india gaining independence from britian have on South africa trying to cut its colonial ties and gain independence?

It showed that is was possible for a country to gain indepence for imperial oppressors through non-violent actions.

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