When Did Sydney Harbour Bridge Open?

What are The Rocks near the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

My friend is moving to Sydney and she keeps talking about these "The Rock" things....what is it? I've google searched it and hotels pop up. Also, one source said they were destroyed so the Sydney Harbour Bridge could be built.... Which one is true? And what are The Rocks?

It's an area near the CBD, an old area just under / near the side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It's been settled since the first fleet (and the indigenous before that too) and there's buildings that are old. It's been sone up these days and there's a lot of restaurants and markets and bars...

what was the contribution & signifance of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

it was during the Great depression so i guess another way to ask is " how did the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge help people get through the depression?"

Jobs throughout its construction, jobs for maintaining...
The opening of the bridge made easier access across the harbour also....

Who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

It was as early as 1815 that Francis Greenway proposed building a bridge from the northern to the southern shore of the harbour.

However, after the First World War more serious plans were made, with a general design for the Sydney Harbour Bridge prepared by Dr J J C Bradfield and officers of the NSW Department of Public Works. The New South Wales Government then invited worldwide tenders for the construction of the Bridge in 1922 and the contract was let to English firm Dorman Long and Co of Middlesbrough.

The tender of Dorman Long and Co. Ltd., of Middlesborough England for an arch bridge was accepted. The Dorman Long and Co's Consulting Engineer, Sir Ralph Freeman, carried out the detailed design of the bridge.

So, I think the final design of Sydney Harbour bridge made by Dorman Long and Co's Consulting Engineer & Sir Ralph Freeman. Am I right?..

How was the Sydney Harbour Bridge Funded?

I need to know how the company that built the Sydney Harbour Bridge got the money to build it.

It was built with money borrowed from England. This debt was eventually paid off in 1988 the toll was then used for maintenance

why was the sydney harbour bridge built?

Transport: the continuing problems of a growing harbour city

Ferries had long been a feature of Sydney Harbour. By 1904 ferries were carrying 19 million passengers each year. By comparison 131 million passengers were carried by tram and 30 million by train. Until 1926, when the electrified rail line to St James station was opened, steam trains terminated at Sydney Central Station.

The use of ferries reached a peak in 1927, by then carrying 47 million passengers annually. With the opening of the Bridge, ferry traffic fell to 20 million.

By 1929, 612 private buses carried 90 million passengers annually. (Government buses were not introduced in Sydney until December 1932.)

The tram system carried 1,367,568 people in one day during the visit of the Royal Navy Fleet in 1924 and could move a Randwick Racecourse crowd of 92,300 people in half an hour.

The first cable trams in Sydney started in June 1885 on the North Shore; they ran from Ridge Street, North Sydney, to the Milsons Point ferry wharf. Electric trams eventually replaced the cable system in 1900. The trams terminated at the ferry wharf in an arc-shaped building.

Before the Bridge was built, travellers to the North Shore went by steam ferry. Two ferries operated, originally conveying horse-drawn vehicles and later motor cars. One ferry service went from Bennelong Point, where the Sydney Opera House now stands, to the Jeffrey Street terminal at Milsons Point on the northern side of the harbour, the other from Dawes Point to Blues Point on the northern side.

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