When Did Swimming Start?

How do swimming officials detect false starts?

Like everyone else in this forum, I've been watching the ample swimming coverage on NBC. In track, a sprinter can be called for a false start if s/he applied pressure to the starting blocks too soon. Are there similar sensors on the swimming starting blocks? Or do the officials just use the subjective eyeball test? Thanks in advance!

In the Olympics there are sensors on the blocks that are wired into the timing system. They not only can detect a false start at the start but also every start in relays. They work opposite of track, if there is a lack of pressure before the start then it signals a false start.

In lower level swim meets they use their good 'ole eyes.

Who invented the swimming pool?

What year, roughly did people go from swimming at the beach, in rivers, lakes too digging pools?

The modern swimming pool did not come about until the 19th century, 1896: for its inventor one would have to go back to Egypt 2500 years when organised swimming began to take shape.

Weight loss with swimming.?

I need a way to lose weight fast with swimming. By the way, I'm 13.

swimming is actually rly good exercise. just swim a couple of laps like evry day. maybe after dinner or something. u may not notice but u sweat quite alot from swimming and it can help u lose wieght

Can I go swimming with yarn braids?

Hi! So can I go swimming in a chlorinated pool with yarn braids in my hair (meaning acrylic yarn, not actual wool) or will anything happen to it? (like them coming off, dye gets sucked out, braids will lock...) And is there anything I have to do before/after swimming? Thanks!

Hey! I wouldn't advise that because it would be hard to get out after wards. The yarn might start to bleed too. I wouldn't risk it. Good Luck!

Should i swim to lose weight ?

I am 17 years old and I'm overweight. When i was younger i was in good shape because i practiced swimming for many years, I was a good swimmer, won a lot of tournaments. But i lost interest because it became too strict and competitive. I stopped swimming, but kept eating the same amount of foods, so slowly i started to gain weight. Today i am around 15 kg overweight. And this summer i want to get back in shape, so my question is should i just start swimming again , not competitive swimming just going to the public swimming pool and swim for like an hour or something.

Swimming is a great sport to get in shape: it works many of your muscles and is great for building endurance... But apparently, it's not the best way to lose weight compared to other sports-- that is, unless you make it a good way to lose weight.

The thing with swimming is that since you are burning so many calories and working hard, especially in competitive swimming, you end up eating more food (or at least the majority of swimmers do!) to recover your muscles and keep you from getting hungry.(This is also because cold water stimulates hunger btw) Once you stop swimming though, you can't continue eating as much as you were, since you're guaranteed to gain weight, consuming as many calories as you were.

So to your question now: swimming is great for just fitness, but it's not the top for weight loss. Most likely, you'll just end up eating everything you burned off swimming-- but then again, if you CONTROL what you eat before and after you swim, you can start to take advantage and begin to lose some weight. It is a contrary statement, i know, but its true! It's honestly all up to what you want to do, and how you're going to do it. Personally, swimming has been a great exercise for me, and it's kept me in shape for a LONG time. I have had troubles with overeating, but that's something you just need to learn to overcome.

If you are looking into better weight loss sports, I would recommend aerobic (cardio) exercises, running, or even just walking. Aerobic and cardio exercises are very good though.

I hope I helped!!! (and i hope i wasn't too confusing!) :)

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