When Did Sri Lanka Get Independence?

what is the zip code of sri lanka?

i want to know the zip code of sri lanka to apply for a job offer

In Sri Lanka postal code system is existing.
For which city u require THE POST CODE.....?
Simply u can write the address n mention SRI LANKA.

what is Sri Lanka's historical name?

Sri Lanka has had many names in ancient times. It was once called Heladiva. When the Portugese arrived in the 16th century they called it Ceilao which was tranlated to Ceylon in English. The name stayed Ceylon until 1972 when it became the Free, Sovereign and Independent Republic of Sri Lanka. In 1978 the name was changed and is now offically the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

How do you say Sri Lanka?

I've heard it pronounced "Sree Lanka" and I've also heard "Shree Lanka" Anyone know the correct pronunciation? Websites I've found say different things.

Hi, I'm from India.
its correct pronunciation is Shree Lanka.
but When we write it, it is Sri Lanka.
the language of Sri Lanka is Sinhala But its pronunciation is 'Simhala'

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What is the zip code of sri lanka?

Zip codes are assigned by the US Postal Service and apply only to places in the US, and a few other places like overseas military installations. Therefore there is no Zip Code for Sri Lanka.

The equivalent is their Postal Code, which is assigned to specific places in Sri Lanka to facilitate the delivery of mail wihtin that country. There is no single Postal Code for the entire island of Sri Lanka.

Simply you can write the address and mention SRI LANKA.

Sri Lanka is found south of what nation?

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Sri Lanka is also south of Russia. A far distance, but still ...

Sri Lanka is just west of the southern part of India. They export a lot of Ceylon Tea. I wonder why.

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