When Did Smallville End?

smallville new series and a film?

i heard off the internet that there is going to be a smallville season 11 is this true, i know every thing about smallville, i watched all 10 seasons is 5 days, i am that obsessed :) i really want to know if there is a season 11 or not i also heard that there might be a film is this True or not, please i really need to know!!!

I have watched smallville since it first came on and i have kept up until the end, but there is no season 11 in the works. I have looked on numerous websites and they all say there is no season 11 and I am pretty sure that there is no movie in the works either. sorry :(

When does the 8th Season of Smallville start/Is this the last season?

Hello again everyone! Does anyone know what day/time/date the 8th season of Smallville begins again? Also, please provide links; is this the last season of Smallville?

season 8 starts on the 18th of september on the CW channel in the U.S.A

it starts on the 20th on the space channel in Canada.

Also The President of the CW Network has stated that Season 8 might not be the last season for Smallville, also well talking with Darren Swimmer (the producer and writer for Smallville) he stated that Season 8 might not be the last as well.

i hope dis is the best answer

Now that Smallvilles coming to an end?

Okay so now that my personal favorite t.v. show Smallville is coming to an end what do you think about the show? Should it end now or do you think should keep on going? Personally I think it should keep on going maybe until clark meets Batman or until he completed the justice league. So in your opinion what episodes were the best? I liked the episodes when he meets the mind reading kid and the episode when Johnathan Kent died and the episodes when he appears as a ''ghost''. Hopefully we'll get a Superman sow that continues after Smallville ends.

May be, Smallvilles is still release seasn 10.
So, what can I say about Smallville? Firstly, it's an original premise, I'll give it that. It is genuinely cool to see how Superman(http://www.dvdbestonline.com) was when he was a teenage, and for the most part his character development is rather intriguing. The superpowers and other special effects are well done most of the time, and the fight scenes are modest (they could be more involved and lengthy, however). The other characters work as good foils for Clark, and Lex Luther himself has become a highly complex character (even if a good deal of it is non-canonical and rather contradictory). From the get go, Smallville had potential both as an interesting action/fantasy series and a drama.

who here watches smallville?

best show ever!hahaha watch the upcoming episode on thursday! support smallville! support clois! i hope it ends with the regular 22 episodes and will last until the 8th season after that have a spinoff of metropolis or justice league or green arrow! anyone agree? bruce wayne cannot appear on the show i dont know why. maybe because of the movie?

Well....not me for sure...you see...smallville is far too small....

In Smallville, is a Kryptonian's ability to run faster or slower than his/her ability to fly?

This is for Smallville fans ONLY. In Smallville, ordinary humans can see them fly, but they can't see Kryptonians run. ??? Also, do you think that, based on the what the new Legion/Bulletproof trailer has shown, that Clark will fly?

I think that they could probably fly the same speed as they run, but they just choose not too. I can't wait til smallvilles new episode Jan 15.

EDIT- I don't think Clark will fly because when Smallville first came out they had a No flights No tights rule, but there's a chance he could because I think the show has new writers. I think one of the people from the future in the commercial are probably flying. Hope I helped

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