When Did Sg1 Find Atlantis?

Which is your favourite, Stargate SG1 or Stargate Atlantis?

I've always been a bigger fan of SG1 than Atlantis. I just like the characters far more than those from Atlantis, although it did take me a while to get used to Vala, I just found her too OTT for SG1. Now that SG1 has ended, I'm getting more into Atlantis, and from the looks of the new season it may be really good. I'm glad that Carter is coming over to Atlantis, but I'm not sure that losing both Weir and Beckett so close together is going to work, but I suppose we will have to wait and see.

stargate should they cancel sg1 and which is better sg1 or atlantis?

I don't think they should cancel sg1 although the storylines this season have not been as good as previous seasons. I enjoy both sg1 and atlantis, can't say which one is better since it's like comparing apples to oranges. They are different and good in their own ways. Atlantis is new and exciting so there is the novelty factor there.

They could always start up a new stargate franchise using some of the members of the sg1 cast (which is what the producer talked about before).

If I want to start watching Stargate, which one should i start at?

stargate sg1, stargate continuum, stargate atlantis! i'm so confused! if i've never seen one before in my life, which would be a good one to start? thanks.

Watch it in the order it came out, as they wrote it so most of the time that . Some Episodes can be afforded to be missed.

The first StarGate Film came out first. However this has different actors, and crew, and physics.

Start with SG1. They will discover stuff that may affect plot of the other series.

Atlantis after SG1 Season 8. Both Series ran at the same time for a while, and stuff does swap between them.

After SG1 has finished, there are two SG1 Movies, Ark of Truth, and Continuum. They should be watch in that order.

Universe is set after Atlantis.

why did stargate atlantis get cancelled?

i am abit annoyed that stargate atlantis got cancelled because i was expecting 10 season same as SG1... what happened? thank you Regards Wez

SG1 season 10 was f*$@ing terrible, it really was. I don't know why they canceled Atlantis though. It was one of the rare cases where the spin off was BETTER than the original (by a lot too).

in what season of stargate sg1 did the stargate atlantis first appeared in?

i never seen really much of stargate sg1 but i recently got the eighth and fourth seasons on dvd as a stargate sg1 fan how do you rate these seasons from all the others

I have all ten seasons of sg-1 on dvd and i would say the 8th season gets a 9 and the forth season of atlantis was not the best but i still liked it.
and the 1st season of Atlantis starts in the 8th of of sg-1

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