When Did Saturn Go Out Of Business?

What will Saturn owners do with new, warrantied vehicles if GM cuts the brand in the bailout? Anyone know?

I own a 2008 Saturn VUE Hybrid that I purchased last May. I love it, but I keep hearing about GM being on the verge of dumping the Saturn brand in the bailout. What happens to Saturn vehicle owners whose cars are still under a full warranty on maintenance and repairs for another 4+ years? Are we stuck? Anyone out there have any info on this?

well my husband works for saturn and they discussed this issue with them. GM might dump saturn...if they do they will keep other GM makes...so, you might take your car to a GM dealer..like Cadillac or GM ..I believe they have make saturn parts available for 10 years after closing. all warranties will be honored etc... as long as GM is still in business with or without saturn you will be okay!


Firstly, if GM were liquidated, then a Saturn warranty would just be another unsecured claim on GM's already very heavily mortgaged assets and would almost certainly be worthless, as secured creditors always receive first priority.

Secondly, if GM were reorganized in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding, 3 or 4 of its brands would be eliminated (and Saturn would likely be among them), but GM would likely be permitted enough funds to cover its warranty obligations, although OEM replacement parts may become hard to come by.

Thirdly, without a liquidation or reorganization, disposing of the Saturn line would be cost-prohibitive, as state laws protect local dealerships.

Finally, the U.S. Congress currently seems disposed to grant aid without a reorganization. Consequently, it should be business as usual for GM. To see what business-as-usual is for GM, see:

http://www.AutoOnInfo.net/NAEd200812TheCompositeReliabilityLineAverages.htm .

Astrophysics Question-- When Jupiter aligns with Saturn to form...?

When Jupiter aligns with Saturn to form a planetarian eclipse in which the light from the sun is blocked to at least half of either planet, what's the ratio of Jupiter land mass: Saturn visibility via sunlight? As seen from Space, though asume the prespective is with the sun behind the point of view

If Jupiter and Saturn were in line with the Sun, then looking from the direction of the Sun, Jupiter would appear large enough to completely hide Saturn. However, Jupiter's shadow isn't long enough to reach Saturn and from Saturn, Jupiter only appears about 1/5th of the Sun's diameter, so would appear as a black spot crossing the face of the Sun. Saturn can never block sunlight to Jupiter because Saturn is the more distant planet from the Sun.

I'm looking at buying a Saturn, but?

My Dad brought up the fact that the car would be an orphan, in terms of service. However, I've read about something called "Saturn Authorized Service Providers" that are continuing services and repairs on the cars despite the end of Saturn. What are the premises of this?

As Saturn dealers close GM will setting up a network of authorized Saturn repair shops that will be trained to work on Saturns. Most likely it will just be other GM dealers since some Saturn models are very similar to other GM brands. The Saturn Outlook is almost identical to the Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and Chevy Traverse. The Aura and Chevy Malibu share the same chassis and drive train.

GM's Saturn Motors is to close all US plants - tens of thousands jobless?

Obama Motors is single handily driving up unemployment, and destroying one of America's largest employers. Based on this track record how wise is it to hand more of the US economy over to obama ? http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-saturn-penske1-2009oct01,0,3971372.story There is no Saturn plant ? Oh, I see, and were do Saturns come from then, Obama's rainbow powered love machines ? There is a large Saturn plant in Spring Hill PLUS there are hundreds of dealerships that will all close, laying off thousands. - THANKS OBAMA !

Wow, you cons will complain about anything!

The sale of Saturn to Penske fell through. Since GM can't afford to keep Saturn running, the company has to close down. Sounds like "free market capitalism" to me.

Would you prefer another bailout to keep them open and save those jobs?

You complain about the "socialism" of the bailouts, and then you complain when a company has to close because it didn't get enough "socialism" to bail out the company.

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