When Did Oxygen Appear In The Atmosphere?

True or False) After volcanoes emerged, oxygen became a significant part of Earth's atmosphere.?

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Before 2.5 billion years ago, the Earth's atmosphere lacked oxygen. However, biomarkers in rocks 200 million years older than that period, show oxygen-producing cyanobacteria released oxygen at the same levels as today. The oxygen produced then had to be going somewhere.

The ancient Earth should have had an oxygen atmosphere but something was converting, reducing the oxygen and removing it from the atmosphere. The researchers suggest that submarine volcanoes, producing a reducing mixture of gases and lavas, effectively scrubbed oxygen from the atmosphere, binding it into oxygen-containing minerals.


What makes it so important??? Do Other Planets have similier atmosphere like the earth's? Could we live without the atmosphere? Does the atmosphere evolve over time?

The atmosphere is what prevents liquid water from evaporating into space. It also provides vital oxygen; without oxygen, you'd die.

No other planet yet found has an atmosphere similar to that of earth. As it stands now, with the high % of oxygen, it can only be the result of plants converting carbon dioxide, i.e. to have free oxygen means life has to be present.

We could not live without the atmosphere.

And yes, the atmosphere evolved over time. Eons ago, before life started, it was mostly carbon dioxide. During the gae of the dinosaurs, it may have had a higher % of oxygen (which would explain how those animals and insects could get so big). Right now, it is supposed to be at some sort of equilibrium -- although the garbage we dump in it is not really helping.

Was there oxygen on earth at earths first existence?

I have to write notes about this question for holiday work. Can you please help? The question is.... Some theories suggest that the earths atmosphere was mainly co2 and there was little oxygen. There may have been water vapour. Can you please help me as i have no idea what to write! Thank you.

There was no FREE oxygen in the atmosphere of Earth as it first formed. It would have combined quickly with either the surface or with other gases or particles in the atmosphere. However, unless the early atmosphere lacked carbon dioxide or water vapor oxygen was present within those substances.

Also some of the atmospheric oxygen is formed, not by green plants, but from dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen, at high altitude levels (energy from the sun causes this). Probably oxygen from this source is unimportant to the overall mass of the atmosphere.

Will oxygen we breathe ever run out?

The answer is a very complicated one. I suppose in theory it is possible for the Oxygen in the atmosphere to run out, but it is very unlikely "we" (as in those of us alive now) will be around to see it.

Animals, reptiles and fish all require oxygen to live. This oxygen is then converted into Carbon dioxide and released either to the ocean/rivers, or to the atmosphere. The Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is currently just over 0.03% of atmospheric gasses, and rising fairly quickly. The way Carbon dioxide is converted back into oxygen is through photosynthesis of plants, both in the atmosphere (ie land based plants) and in the ocean (mostly phytoplankton).

For oxygen to run out we would need it to be produced by the plants on such a smaller scale than we were using it up. Currently the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is around 20parts per hundred (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_chemistry).

The other factor to consider is the other ways we use oxygen, namely to oxidise (ie to burn things). Thus, burning fossil fuels uses up oxygen to power our cars, boats, etc, etc.

Oxygen is also used in explosives, such as bombs.

Without a complex mathematical formula, it is hard to know if there is enough things in the earth to burn to use up all the oxygen, because as there are more people living, so we need more food, and growing the food will produce oxygen from the plants.

I think my money is on the "theoretically it is possible, but it would take so many centuaries (possibly millenia) we'd have figured out a way to stop it from happening" answer.

Why didn't oxygen begin to accumulate in the atmosphere until 1.5 billion years after life appeared on earth?

A)Oxygen produced by life was removed from the atmosphere by dissolving in the ocean. B) Early forms of animal life consumed the oxygen. C) All the oxygen produced by life went into making the ozone layer. D) Oxygen produced by life was removed from the atmosphere by oxidation reactions with surface rocks. E) Early forms of plant life consumed oxygen. All help is appreciated! I think the answer is D D was the correct answer thank you for your help!

I think D, I know that the oldest rocks are rich in iron and you will know from the red streaks on them (rust)! and you need oxygen, water and heat to do that!

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