When Did Owen Cheat On Christina?

In grey's anatomy, did Hunt sleep with the new girl?

Did he cheat on christina? Because he though christina wasn't home and went straight to the shower which people usually do when they have sex...

I really hope not. I think he just went to the shower because he was tired from the long day he had at work, I don't think Owen is the type of guy to cheat while he is still married. Christina was just being paranoid.

Who did Owen cheat on Christina with on Greys Anatomy?

I missed the new episode tonight, so can somebody please tell me who it was

The latest episode that aired on the 15th ended with Owen saying something along the lines of "It hurts to love you"... It probably implies that he did in fact cheat on her, but not with Summer (the intern)... the episode ends there so we're all going to have to wait until the 5th of April to find out!
Hope that helps! :)

Why would a man cheat on a good woman?

I know why women cheat. But, I want to know why do men cheat. If a woman is a good wife why would her husband still cheat? If a woman keeps the clean house, teaches and takes care of his children, cooks for him and the children, washes, fold up and iron his clothes, stays in shape after child birth, pleases him every way she can in the bed, including you know what, is loyal, honest, loves him so on.Then why would he still cheat?

Cheaters cheat! They do it for the thrill, the excitement, to see if they can get away with it, etc. Once they cheat, they WILL cheat again!

owen harts fall?

the night owen hart fell what actually happened up there what was meant to be happening what was the storyline who was up there it looked like he was pushed could some please tell me the whole story

Owen Hart played The Blue Blazer. He was set to "fly down" from the rafter to the ring like a superhero. Owen was antimate (againest) the idea because of his fear of heights. Owen reluctantly did it and the cable broke when he descended. His head hit the turnbuckle on the way down. He died shortly after

Can can any1 help me in GTA Vice City???

I entered the cheat NOBODYLIKESME which makes the pedestrians hate you. Now i cant cancel the cheat even when i turn off the game and start it up again. Is there any cheat to bypass it????

i don't think so because i entered that cheat too but if you saved the game when you entered the cheat then it'll be on there forever turst me i couldn't take it off so your suck too

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