When Did Oj Simpson Die?

Can anyone predict how OJ Simpson will die?

Take a stab at predicting how OJ Simpson will die! Will it be by knife, gun, some woman, maybe even by his own hand? Let everyone know and see if you can predict how OJ Simpson will die!

Big Daddy Goldman will kill him in a fit of road rage on the PCH November 2009, 6 weeks later retired LAPD Detective Mark Furman will confess HE did it, because of OJ 's portrayal of policeman in the Naked Gun movies--NOOOORD-BEEEERG

WHO WOULD WIN:OJ Simpson Or Bart Simpson?

Check out my other polls OR DIE! (PS:All these WHO WOULD WIN fights are based on hand to hand fights)

OJ Simpson would kill Bart and claim the glove simply doesn't fit.

Did Homer Simpson die in the tv show "The Simpsons"?

I saw a meme where it showed Homer in this room with a high tech dashboard and a sign that said, "Remember,you're here forever". Then it showed some pictures of his youngest daughter and it said "Do it for her". Also if you know what that means then please tell :)

Homer Simpson Will Never Die.. That Show Will Still Be On When Were All Gone!!

Some questions about OJ Simpson?

If he was found not guilty, what makes people think he murdered his wife and her housekeeper? Why is he currently incarcerated? I was born in '93 leave me alone. >.> Lol.

There was a lot of evidence presented at the trial, but Simpson's defense team did their job to convince the jury there was a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. Simpson was later arrested and sent to prison on charges unrelated to his wife's death, after he attacked a man for selling memorabilia that had once belonged to Simpson.

who dies first? Kelly Clarkson,Celine Dion or Ashlee Simpson?

Ashlee really ticked me off today... http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/42208587

I don't like Ashlee Simpson (think she's pretty though) so if I was death, I would pick her to die first, but in this case, if I look at it from age-point-of-view, I'd pick Celine Dion. =D...

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