When Did Odysseus Live?

in the odyssey, how does odysseus treat eumaeus and the cowherd?

He treats him well, although I suppose you could argue not well enough given everything Eumaeus did to help Odysseus.

Eumaeus gives food and shelter to Odysseus when the king returns home in disguise, and later helps Odysseus kill the suitors. Eumaeus is loyal while Odysseus is away, and was treated well by Odysseus' family when he was a young child.

And he's a swineherd.

how can i defend odysseus?

i am doing a seminar and my hero is odysseus. I am arguing against aeneas. How can I portray Odysseus as the greatest hero?

First of all, Odysseus is protected by Athena herself, who favors him because he is wise, crafty and cunning. Athena values these traits and sees them in Odysseus among all the Greek heroes.
Odysseus was the one who tricked Achilles into joining the Trojan war.
Second, Odysseus is also a skilled warrior. Most of the Greek heroes are skilled, of course, but Odysseus is especially skilled because he is not only strong, he is also agile and he uses his wits.
Odysseus has outwitted many enemies, mortals and immortals alike. If you read the Odyssey, you will see how much he went through but he remained victorious in the end.

Why do Penelope and Odysseus test each other?

In the Odyssey how do Penelope and Odysseus test each other and why do they do it? Examples? :)

Book 13 lines 105-110 -- Penelope says -- we (she & odysseus) have ways to recognize each other (signs which are secret between just we two).

Penelope tests Odysseus by telling the maidservants to move their marriage bed from their bedroom into the hall so Odysseus can sleep there. Of course, the bed is made out of a tree that Odysseus left rooted in the ground -- so it can not be moved. Also Book 19, lines 215-220 - She asks the "beggar" who is really Odysseus to describe the clothing that Odysseus wore when they meet. Odysseus describes a pin and a tunic so that Penelope believes his story.

Some "Odyssey" questions?

My class is reading the Odyssey, but I've lost books 20-24 and I can't find them online. I will give 10 points reward for someone who can answer these for me: 1. Whom does Odysseus trust to help him defeat the suitors? 2. Why don't the men want Odysseus to try to string the bow? 3. How does Odysseus prove his true identity? 4.What did Odysseus prove about his abilities when he shot the arrow through the twelve axes? Why is that important now? 5. Whom does Odysseus kill first and why? 6. How does Eurymachos plead his case with Odysseus? 7. Whom does Telemachos catch raiding the storeroom of weapons and what do they do with him? 8. Which two servants were sparred? 9. How does Odysseus identify the unfaithful maids? What does he do to them? 10. What is done to Melanthios? 11. How does Penelope test Odysseus? 12. Why does she test him? 13. Describe the one last task that Tieresias told Odysseus to complete. What will be his reward for this task? 14. After Odysseus tells Penelope about all his adventures, he sets off again. What does he go to do? What does he tell Penelope to do? Thanks! :)

There you go, enjoy.

What might have happened if the Cyclops in the odyssey had not met Odysseus?

Please help!! Asap!

Odysseus's encounter with the cyclops Polyphemus was the main reason why it took the former so long to get home. Odysseus and some of his men were trapped in Polyphemus's cave and blinded the cyclops with a wooden stake to escape. Right when they were leaving, Odysseus revealed his identity to Polyphemus, who then prayed to his father Poseidon to never let Odysseus return home. Poseidon then did everything he could to prevent Odysseus from returning home, often by sent storms to destroy Odysseus's ship. If the encounter with Polyphemus had never occured, Odysseus woul dprobably have made it home much sooner. Some of his comrade may have survived as well.

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