When Did Nucky Thompson Die?

Are you disappointed that James Darmody was killed off?

Killing off major characters keeps a show interesting but it just didn't feel like it was a good time to kill off Jimmy. I had a feeling he would die at some point in the season but it feels like it was way too early. He was finally starting to build and then they just cut him off. I suspected Nucky might have shot Eli instead but it really was Eli's idea to have Nucky killed. What do you think?

I'm f****** disappointed he was my favorite actor. My whole reason for watching the show gets f*****, he shouldn't have trusted Nucky Thompson. I'm so angry Kmt!!!! F*** you executive producers i wont be watching anymore S.O.B's.

Who robbed who on the Boardwalk Empire?

I couldn't quite understand what happened on the first episode. Why did Jimmy and Capone robbed the liqueur shipment? how does it help to Nucky Thompson? Did Jimmy take the FBI's offer? Why did the Italian guy got shot? what happened there??? i was very tired when i watched it.

That liquor shipment was meant for Rothstein in New York, but Johnny Torrio and Al Capone, wanted it for their Chicago gang so they could get in on the bootlegging as well. Jimmy wasn't doing it for Nucky, in fact he had put Nucky in a bad spot by participating since Rothstein won't receive the shipment and Nucky would have taken the fall for it since they had a deal. That was sort of solved by their beating Margaret Schroder's abusive husband to death and pinning the robbery on him.

Jimmy tried to tell Nucky on more than one occasion that he wanted to take on more responsibility and really get involved, but Nucky didn't want that for him. I suppose it was Jimmy's way of standing up for himself and since he was on friendly terms with Capone, wanted to help him out and also make a profit for himself as well.

It appears that Jimmy did give the federal agents that secret distillery in the funeral home. Probably because of Mickey Doyle playing that trick on him with the formaldehyde drink earlier on.

The Italian man was "Big Jim" Colosimo. He was boss of the Chicago gang, with Johnny Torrio as his right hand man, and Al Capone as his driver/muscle. He didn't want to get involved in the "liquor business" so Torrio had him whacked so that he could step up as boss and do as he pleased. Starting with that liquor shipment Capone hijacked with Jimmy's help. So really this should put Chicago at odds with New York now, with Nucky caught in the middle. We'll see how it plays out.

Why did Jimmy Darmody show up at the Manny meet with no weapon? Was he expecting Nucky to kill Manny or?

was he really expecting to be killed by Nucky? I still don't understand why Jimmy would want to get killed. Who wants to get killed? If that's the case, why didn't he just commit suicide? I could've taken that easier than what happened.

He expected to be killed.

He had sex with his mother; his lesbian wife got killed because he became a thug; He killed his own father; all his affairs were in order so his son is taken care of, and the only person who ever looked out for him growing up he tried to kill so he had it coming.

He and the writers wanted him to get killed to make room for new gangsters on the show.

If he commits suicide, Nucky gets no respect and perhaps his son gets no money. I think he figures Nucky will look after the boy, perhaps.

I think he should have killed the mother as well. That might have had the audience cheer.

Boardwalk empire - James Darmody, CONTAINS SPOILERS*****?

Ive just found out that Nucky kills Jamie in the last episode of season 2 of boardwalk empire, what the F***? It's like when they had Christopher killed in the sopranos, what's the point in killing main characters, most of all when they are ultra popular?! I'm not happy!

These were the points according to the writer: Pitts was due for new work and fine with being killed. The character was never intended to take over the show, only to grow to this point where he comes to terms with his guilt over sleeping with his mother. (Let's face it, he is fictitious and all of a sudden he is as big or bigger than Al Capone. Not realistic.) Meanwhile, they already have a new guy ready to come in next season two years from Jimmy dying. This make Capone all the more powerful, Rothstien all but a memory, Luciano more the killer he becomes, and as for Van Alden he moved to Capone's center of power and that creates more opportunities. The differences between Jimmy and Chris are simple Jimmy wanted to die and Chris did not, Jimmy was trying to fix the problems in the business while Chris was trying to get rich and famous, and Jimmy unlike Chris was all about making his bones. Nucky like Tony had to make their bones if they were ever to be respected in the mob. This is why Nucky kills Jimmy himself. Nucky needed this kill to truly be the man in Atlantic City.

Why did Nucky call AR asking for permission to kill Manny Horvitz in Boardwalk empire season 2 finale...?

...if he already knew he's going to kill Jimmy? I mean, apart from making everybody watching the show think he's actually going to kill Horvitz. Seems pointless to me.

To clear his name when jimmy is found dead. Bc jimmy was in business with lucky and lansky, Nucky didn't want them coming after him again. So he made them think he had nothing to do with it. That what I took from the scene

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