When Did Nkotbsb Tickets Go On Sale?

new kids on the block and backstreet boys?

nkotbsb why are they only doing one show in canada? why are tickets going on sale at 11 am ? i can't wait , i really want to go !!!!!!!! NKOTBSB!!!!!!!!

11ham????? it's 8hAM for the pre sale and 10hAM for public sale.

The dates are just the beginning, other will be added. Example Montreal Brian confirmed during the live stream.

How much are NKOTBSB concert tickets?

Has anyone bought the presale NKOTBSB concert tickets? How much did they cost? I really want to go, but as a stay at home mom I have to budget the money!

Tickets are between $30 and $100 (not including the ticketmaster service charge).

I got mine for 69.50 and they're in the second level, 10th row. With the ticketmaster charges, the total was 82.50.

If you're budgeting your money, just get the cheaper tickets! You don't want to miss this show!!!

How come I cannot purchase VIP packages for the NKOTBSB Show At Mohegan Sun?

I tried purchasing tickeets to New Kids on The Block / Backstreet Boys at Mohegan Sun and it said sold out. Then, when I called tickmaster, they said there were no packages at all. Does anyone know what's going on?

VIP tickets (as in the type where you meet the band, good tix, free merchandise etc) generally sell out super fast. I've seen packages sell out in 2 minutes or less when trying to buy VIP for previous NKOTB shows.

I know on the NKOTB side today was the general sale, the forth and final sale of VIP tickets for NKOTBSB (Block Nation Members had 2 Pre Sales and there was 1 Amex Pre sale) Ticketmaster couldnt give you any information because they do not handle the sale of VIP packages - depending on which bands VIP package you were after you'd have to contact either I Love All Access (NKOTB) or Ground CTRL (BSB) for more details.

Sorry you weren't successful. Maybe they'll announce another show, Mohegan is a popular venue.

Backstreet boys fan club tickets price?

What is the normal price for backstreet boys tickets if you buy them on their fan club and how long do you have to be a member before getting to buy the tickets. How many tickets can you buy with one membership

Usually BSB tickets run about $50-$60, but NKOTBSB tickets (New Kids On The Block & Backstreet Boys) the tickets that are selling now, cost anywhere between $95.00-$105.00 (it changes from venue to venue)

You can buy tickets instantly once you have a membership. (I did this last year, I joined and a moment later I was buying tickets. It works for this tour too, because the fan club now has many new members that joined for tickets and were successful.)

In the past you were able to buy more tickets, but for this show, each member can only purchase four tickets.

Joining the fan club really IS worth it, not just for tickets. There are all sorts of exclusives that only we get. You can even buy a VIP pass to meet the boys!

PS I highly suggest you join if you want great seats for this show, due to the fact that there are three different presales (BSB, NKOTB & AMEX) before they go on sale to the public!

Are Taylor Swift tickets on sale?

for the october 10th concert in MN: i have looked online and many sites say that they have tickets. but on her actual site it doesnt say that the tickets have gone on sale yet and they arent on ticketmaster for sale yet either so are these tickets reall legit?

Yes Taylor Swift tickets r on sale!! If you go to www.taylorswift.com they give u a list of the city's she's going to. And for Oct. 10 in MN it says there coming soon. But if you keep checking and on day there on sale you can just the buy tickets button and it will bring you to ticketmaster and then you can purchese your Taylor Swift tickets! Hope i helped! : )

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