When Did Nfl Go To 16 Games?

Do I need NFL sunday ticket if I have the NFL channel from my cable provider?

We are from GA and are stationed in KY. My grandmother wants NFL Sunday ticket and that is fine with me but before I buy it for the PS3, do we need to spend the money or will everything be on the NFL channel? She specifically wants the GA falcon's games that aren't available because we are in KY.

They aren't the same thing.
The NFL Sunday Ticket gives you every single NFL game that comes on. The NFL network just gives you NFL news and the Thursday night game.
I just took a look at the falcons schedule. It looks like without the NFL Sunday Ticket you will only get maybe 4 games. How they do it is by region and you aren't in the Falcons area anymore. You will get the Monday night, and late Sunday games guaranteed but everything else is unclear.

can we get nfl network only besides having to buy the other channels?

I want to watch my favorite team play every sunday but obviously i cant because I dont live where my team plays. I want to get nfl network on Direct Tv but i noticed that we have to get tv packages along with it. I dont need other channels but just the NFL network. Is there a way to just get the nfl network?

Get the sunday ticket from DirecTV..It shows every NFL game on sundays.

And NFL Network doesnt show any live games except Thrusday/Saturday Night Football games!

Why did the NFL decide to broadcast very good football games on the NFL network?

Seriously? It pisses me off that the cowboys-packers games, which was the most important regular game of the season besides the colts-pats, was aired on a small network as opposed to a huge one like ABC or CBS or whatever. In addition, if the pats go undefeated, guess where is the only place you can watch that historic last regular season game? Seriously, I think the NFL stopped caring about the fans. Why do they broadcast games on NFL network now?

The root cause is a dispute between the NFL and cable providers. The NFL wants their channel to be part of basic cable, the cable companies want to add it as a premium channel. At some point one of them will break down, but expect it to cost you the fan extra $ each month no matter which way it goes.

Either way it's costing fans, many of whom are missing out on some of the best games of the year. My girlfriend actually gets the NFL network on her dish, but I don't bother watching because the announcers are so horrible.

Directv appearantly will let people watch NFL Sunday Ticket through the PS3. How does this work?

Other than a PS3, what else is needed in order to watch NFL Sunday Ticket?

On your PS3 you must add the NFL Sunday Ticket and then it can be accessed through the Playstation Network. It does required a high speed internet connection. It allows you to access all games except the local games and others that are shown locally. You also do not get the NFL Network games. Last years cost was $299, this year it is yet to be determined.

What percent of all NFL games go into overtime?

and how do you feel about the NFL overtime rules and how should its rules be for overtime? Do you like the sudden death or not? And how do you feel about games going tied if neither team scores in overtime?

on average, I'd say that one game per week goes into overtime across the entire NFL. Some weeks, a few games go into overtime (prety rare), and other weeks, no games go into overtime. If we use the one game per week average, with 16 games per week being played (aside from the by weeks), about 6% of NFL games go into overtime. I think it may be even less than that though

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