When Did Mn Become A State?

Answer by Lennie F. on Mar 3 2014


When/How/why did Illinois become a state?

Well it became a state on December 3, 1818 and it became the 21st state.It comes from the language of the Algonquin Indians and translates as "tribe of superior men." capital is Springfield. State bird is the cardinal... nickname is Prairie State..Maybe Abraham Lincoln Did the job and made it a state.. thats what I thought...

Sorry this is all the information I have..

Does medicaid cover state to state when traveling during pregnancy?

I may be out of town 4 weeks before my due date in a state right below mine, does medicaid cover me state to state if I were to need to visit the hospital? Thank you!

No. Each state has it's own individual Medicaid program. Coverage cannot cross state lines.

Can a person earn state residency for financial aid purposes this way?

My boyfriend wants to move to my state and go to school here. If he were to go to a private school for a year, and get the license for my state, register to vote in my state and work in my state, would he be able to be declared a resident after doing that for a year so he could transfer to a state school?? Thanks. =]

Great question - and great idea. The reality is that each state will have it's own rules. Check with the school or call the state house.

You have the right idea - primarily he has to make your state his new state of residency. That typically includes changing his permanent address to the new state. You would not be required to get a new license - but that might help document the change. Some states may require a two year waiting period to get in state tuition.

Who is going to the 1st college football game of the season and where??

College Football

Tomorrow is opening day for College Football!!! I can't wait for USC to play!

Anyways here is tomorrow's schedule that I pulled off of ESPN's Site. They are all in Eastern Standard Time.

7:00 PM Buffalo at #16 Rutgers
7:00 PM Miami (OH) at Ball State
7:00 PM Southeast Missouri State at Cincinnati
7:00 PM Tulsa at Louisiana-Monroe
7:30 PM Murray State at #10 Louisville
8:00 PM #2 LSU at Mississippi State
8:00 PM Kent State at Iowa State
8:00 PM Southeastern Louisiana at New Mexico State
8:05 PM UNLV at Utah State
9:00 PM Weber State at #24 Boise State
10:00 PM Utah at Oregon State

State Nicknames Help!!!?!?!??!?

please tell me the nicknames to these states: North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Minnisoda Iowa Mosiorri wisconsin illinois michigan iNdiana ohio thanks.

North Dakota - Roughrider State, Flickertail State and Peace Garden state
South Dakota - Mount Rushmore State
Nebraska - Cornhusker State
Kansas - Sunflower State
Minnesota- North Star State / Land of 1000 Lakes
Iowa- Hawkeye State
Missouri - Show Me State
Wisconsin - Badger State
Illinois - Prairie State
Michigan - Wolverine State / Great Lakes State
Indiana - Hoosier State
Ohio - Buckeye State

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