When Did Mfi Go Bust?

what has happened to MFI online furniture store?

Whenever I try any link to MFI online sales I get redirected. Where are they?

MFI went bust a couple of years ago. All the units were bought up by the man who owns the Range stores.

Where do I go for my guarantee on an mfi sofa?

I brought a sofa from mfi 18 months ago and two of the seats have now broken. My guarantee is only for the material and not the sofa's themselves. They are still covered under the sale of goods act but where do I go to get them fixed/replaced. Obviously can't go to where I brought them from as they are no longer in business. Does anyone have any ideas?

Go to your box of kleenex as you wont get a penny from anyone,MFI gone bust,end of.

I bought a kitchen from the MFI and I still need one cabinet and plinth help?

As people who live in England are aware the MFI went bankrupt recently. I still need a glass wall cabinet or just a wall cabinet would suffice. The style was 'Verona' and made I believe by Schreiber! Does anyone know the supplier of MFI or any companies that may have bought the stock. Help I'm having a nightmare! Any suggestions very much appreciated. I have been to Howdons and unfortunatly the gentleman informed me that the 'verona' style kitchen was not one they supplied :(

Ring them they should Supply it , if not ring Howdens Joinery , or go on there web site , they have they same ranges and colours as MFI.
Good luck

Are IVF babies normal?

my wife and i are doing ivf, since we are new to this, i want to know from those who have done ivf, are the babies going to be normal, is there anything we need to be extra care during pregenancy? thanks. we are doing ivf because my sperm does not swim and we are 35 now. we been trying since 7 years old. so, its totally a male infertility problem.

Especially since it's a MFI issue, once your wife is pregnant, it will be just like any other natural pregnancy. Once she's referred from her RE to her OBGYN, her pregnancy will be treated the same as it would be had she conceived naturally.
There have been many long term studies done since the 1980s. IVF is perfectly safe. Because it's an MFI issue, if you and your wife do IVF with ICSI, my dr. told us if we have a male, he has a SLIGHTLY higher chance of MFI problems.

What does it mean if someone posts a sign that says something like: To Florida or Bust?

What does "bust" mean in that context?

One of the many informal definitions of the word "bust" is:

"to collapse from the strain of making a supreme effort"

Thus "To Florida or Bust!" would imply something like, "I'm going to Florida or I'm going to drop dead trying!!"

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