When Did Karate Start?

What would you do Karate or Krav Maga?

Im 22 yo, have 0 expirience on Martial arts, and willing to start practicing either of those disciplines, i know how different they are one another but i cant seem to decide. Which would you rather pick and why?

krav maga is a self defense course not a martial art. You will Not learn what the they teach the israel military that is a different program. there are 2 types of krava maga, the civilian and the military one. many places that teach krav maga supplement it with other styles

as for krav being older that is bull krav maga has only been around since the 60's karate has been around for over 300 yrs

karate is a complete style of martial arts and well rounded all styles of karate contain both striking and grappling, stand up and ground.
i would choose karate since all the techniques inside krav maga are already in almost all styles of karate. but not all karate techniques are in krav maga

What's the difference between Kung Fu and karate or "ti Kwon do?"?

Just curious because kids in my class today said " I hate in the KARATE kid commercial the guy says I will teach you real KUNG FU" like is there a difference? Or is one for peacefullness and one for fighting or what?

Karate, kung fu, and taekwondo are three different arts from three different countries. A lot of people dislike the upcoming Karate Kid movie because there is no karate in it. Instead, the movie focuses on a kid learning kung fu, while trying to take advantage of the Karate Kid franchise.

What is the most useless martial arts out there?

I want to become a MMA. It's becoming popular in my country. I plan to start first with Karate because I can afford it. Does Karate really work in real MMA competition? Should I try Kick Boxing instead? I just think Karate is useful because Lyoto Machida could use it to win... (by decision hehehe) And Karate is the bect way to avoid being hurt right? I'm a chicken too.

There are no useless martial arts, only useless people. With that attitude of yours, you'll never amount to much of anything. You should enter martial arts with an open heart and an empty bucket meant to be filled with knowledge, not with a bunch of preconceived notions or biased attitude.

Will there be a karate kid 2?

Will the film companies make a karate kid 2? The one with jackie chan and dre? How willthey do it, because in the original number two, Daniel and miyagi-sensei went to japan, but in the new karate kid, dre lives in japan. How will it be done?

The Karate Kid 2 (2013)

No script, no cast.

What happened to Daniel from the Karate Kid?

There were 3 karate kid movies with him I believe. Did they ever tell the story of what happened after the last movie where he went to Okinawa? Also, who was the girl from movie 4 supposed to be? Was this a sequel from the last 3 episodes? Did Mr. Miyagi still know Daniel in movie 4?

The Karate Kid 2 was when they went to Okinawa. The Karate Kid 3 was after they are back from Okinawa when Daniel starts to train with a new teacher who wa secretly friends with the old Cobra Kai instructor John Kreese. He befriends him to try and get Daniel into another Karate tournament. Daniel goes back to Mr Miyagi for help and guidance. And of course they win again at the end. I don't remember The Karate Kid 4 telling about what happen or where Daniel was.
Mr Miyagi went to Boston to some award thing and the girl ( Hilary Swank) is the troubled granddaughter of his old commanding officer from the Army. He helps her and mentors her while teaching her Karate.
Its a sequel in the order of things the name of the film was The Next Karate Kid.
And I have to assume that Mr Miyagi still knows Daniel since it is later on but the movie just does not include Daniel this time.

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