When Did Jr Ewing Die?

Mr Roarke vs JR Ewing, 15 rounds, who wins?

Mr Roarke from Fantasy Island vs JR from Dallas.Could JR outmaneuver Mr. Roarke for a decision win, or could Roarke destroy Ewing for an early stoppage?

J.R. Ewing would win. Jock didn't raise no punks and J.R. was ruthless in all endeavors to be on top. I could imagine him headbutting and using low blows and paying the ref before the bout. I am sure also that this fight would take place in Texas and the Ewing name would help with a favorable decision.
Only Bobby Ewing could beat J.R. here. Mr. Rourke would be seeing "the plane" from the canvas. J.R Ewing 8th round TKO (controversial referee stoppage)

How common is it to die from Ewing Sarcoma?

I'm writing a novel and my main character has Ewing Sarcoma and she's sixteen to seventeen years old. No. And I'm no "wannabe". I am a published author, and this question has most certainly not been miss-categorized. The question is about cancer. Why don't you go blow your girlfriend?

Go to the wannabe authors and books forum please...

What is Ewing's sarcoma?

it would be nice if you could give me a very close to exact answer to what Ewing's sarcoma is.

Ewing sarcoma is a highly malignant primary bone tumor. It was first described by James Ewing in 1921. The tumor is derived from red bone marrow. Most frequently, it is observed in children and adolescents aged 4-15 years and rarely develops in adults older than 30 years. Ewing sarcoma accounts for approximately 5% of biopsy-analyzed bone tumors and approximately one third of primary bone tumors. Ewing sarcoma is the second most common malignant bone tumor in young patients, and it is the most lethal bone tumor. Males are affected more frequently than females, with a ratio of approximately 1.5:1.

patring ewing or alonzo mourning which is better(in their prime)?

i think patrick ewing is much better than alonzo,when he was young

Ewing as a scorer, Mourning as a defender, Ewing overall. Mourning was the type of defender that I thought Ewing would be when I watched him at Georgetown. Ewing was a quick leaper in college and his first few years in the NBA. As he matured he became wider and slower and lost the advantage of athleticism, it happened quickly for him, still he was an offensive force for many years and a productive if not dominate rebounder. Ewing had one of the very best mid-range games of all the great centers, only Bob MacAdoo comes to mind as clearly supperior in that regard.
I thought Mourning was over-rated while watching him in his prime (I think he was NBA first team more than once). Mourning never developed a signature move or a robust offensive game, relying mostly on hustle and strength to score(nothing wrong with that, but compared to Ewings go to moves just not enough).
On Defence however Mourning was one of the best of his time and maybe ever and Ewing as solid and big as he was was not in the same class. Mourning was a harder working rebounder in fact if he had a signature move I think it may have been the two-handed dunk following an offensive rebound.
I think Mourning would been better as a power forward than Ewing was as a center if paired with a complimentary center.

Patrick Ewing wanted to be the NJ Nets' coach?

http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/rumors/post/Patrick-Ewing-wants-to-coach-the-New-Jersey-Nets?urn=nba,205522 As a Knicks' fan, I don't like this because he would coaching the Knicks' rival then but as an Ewing fan I like this.... What are your thoughts and any chance Ewing becomes the Nets coach? Perhaps if Kiki Vandeweghe fails? BQ: So Rudy Gay won't resign with the Memphis, so do you think they would trade him, if yes to whom?

Patrick Ewing isn't ditching his faithful Knicks for the Nets. Ewing is just really wanted that head coaching job. When the Knicks were looked for a coach two years ago, Ewing was very anxious to get that job. Even when the Timberwolves were looking for a coach this summer, Ewing wanted to get that job also. I say Ewing has enough experience under his belt to possibly one day run his own team. However, if he wants a bright future in his first head coaching gig, I say he stays away from the NJ Nets.

If Kiki Vandeweghe does fail, most likely the job will go to Del Harris (Kiki just brought him in out of retirement to help him coach)

BQ: The Grizzles GM has a tough decision, failing to put their best player under contract this past summer, he needs to know for sure whether Gay will stay or bolt. I say the Grizz will take their chances and keep him for the whole season and offer him more than 10 mil a year

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