When Did Jj Thomson Contribute To The Atomic Theory?

How did JJ Thomson contribute to the current atomic model theory?

What were some of his major experiments? (to do with atomic theory?) How did he further our understanding of the atomic model?

how hard is it to enter "JJ Thomson atomic model" into google or wikipedia and read who and what he did?

What are the scientists; Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Mendelevium, Bohr and Schrodinger famous for?

How did each of them contribute to science? What advances have we made because of them?

They all work on the Atomic Theory:
Dalton and Thomson developed atomic models, the latter one proposing that the electrons were "embedded" on the outside of an atomic shell; Rutherford established the fact that atoms had a positively charged, heavy nucleus; Bohr was the first to propose some type of "quantization" for the electron orbits, energy levels; Schrodinger developed the 1st Quantum - Wave theory of Quantum Mechanics, including the atom, but much more general; Mendeleev was able to show that the elements could be organized in groups of similar chemical characteristics, even before the electronic structure was established.

How did Ernest Rutherford contribute to the current atomic model theory?

What were some of his major experiments? (to do with atomic theory?) How did he further our understanding of the atomic model?

Rutherford's gold foil experiment proved the existence of a positive centered nucleus. He proved his former teacher's, J J Thomson's, plum pudding theory to be wrong. He is also the discoverer of protons and he can be considered as the first person to split an atom. He also proposed the possibility of neutrons that keeps the protons from flying away. His student James Chadwick proved this later. He is one of the greatest experimentalist of all time since Michael Faraday.
Before Rutherford, there was plum pudding model and some very fundamental theories like Dalton's theories, mass conservation law, law of proportions and so on. The discovery of subatomic particles made the image more clear and perplexing at the same time. Thomson's electron discovery is of core importance in building this subatomic world. From gas tubes and cathode rays we moved on to nuclear bombarding and collisions at high scale [accelerators] and a major experimental shift was introduced. After Rutherford Neils Bohr introduced the quantum model of atom and furthered the atomic theory

Contributers of atomic theory..?

How did each of these scientists contribute to the atomic theory? 1)John Dalton 2)JJ Thomson 3)Ernest Rutherford 4)Niels Bohr 5)Robert Millikan 6)Erwin Schrodinger 7)Werner Heisenberg What were each of their discoveries? And how did they contirbute to modern day atomic theory? when i try to research it i get all different answers so thats why im asking for the truth. thanks.

Dalton thought that the atoms were indivisible and they were whole with not empty space and no internal structure.

JJ thomson made the plumb pudding model. He thought that the positive part of the atom was like a pudding and the raisins in it were like the electrons. So the electrons were inside of the positive part was his thought.

Rutherford was the dude who discovered the nucleus. He thought that the electrons would keep on traveling to the center nucleus and would gradually release energy in the process (but when the electrons crash we don't know what happens lol)

Bohr is the model where he thought that the electrons would stay in orbits like planets around the sun. And when you added energy to the electrons they would go in higher orbits, but in a higher orbit they wouldn't be stable and go into lower orbits and release energy.
Infact glow in the dark things work with this theory, the atoms gather energy from light and the electrons go into a higher orbit, but in the higher orbit they are unstable and go back and glow in the dark.

I don't know who the other people were though

jj thompson, what did he do that contributed to the atomic theory?

what did jj thompson do that contributed to the atomic theory

It was G.Johnstone Stony who posited ,in 1894, that the particle that he coined as electron was a Unit of Charge.
However it was Sir Joseph John Thomson ,thru experiment discovered in 1897, that the Electron was a subatomic micromass particle.
In 1906 he proved that the Hydrogen atom contained only one single electron. It was on that basis that Niels Bohr ,in 1913, associated Planks constant to atomic energy radiation.
It was the basis of the begining of atomic structure description. However; it was not until 1932 that the Neutron was dicoverded By James Chadwick.

It was Dmitri Mendeleev that accuratly formulated the Periodic Table of Elements in 1868 ,before knowledge of the composition of atomic structure theory was even discovered.

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