When Did Jim Morrison Died?

Do you think Jim Morrison REALLY die?

So lately i've been reading into jim Morrison's death conspiracy's and all relating to the 27 club and some even saying he's still alive and all but how do YOU actually think he "died".

No, Jim isn't dead at all.

In fact he, Jimi Hendrix, and Elvis are all jamming in my basement right now!

Janice has just gone to fetch the drinks...

Did you want me to pass him a message for you?

does anybody know the real way that Jim Morrison died? Or is it all just speculation?

I just watched The Doors movie and would really like to know. Thanks for the help!

Jim Morrison died on July the 3rd,1971.
Just before his death he had lost a great deal of weight,although in photo's taken of him just before his death showed that he had a considerable amount of bloating.
(A classic symptom of congestive heart failure).
Jim Morrison was found dead in his bath tub.Some say that there are reports that state that when his body was found that he had dried blood around his mouth and nose and had large bruising on his chest.
Pursuant to french law no autopsy was preformed because the medical examiner at the time,in his opinion there was no foul play.
Because there was no autopsy it has left many questions regarding Jim Morrison's real cause of death.

Jim Morrison or Freddie Mercury?

Freddie Mercury, without a doubt. Jim Morrison is considered a legend because he died in his prime. Mercury was a legend while still alive. No other band packed out Wembley Stadium like Queen did, and no other frontman has ever held the audience in the palm of his hand like Mercury could. Not even Robbie Williams gives off that kind of magnetism on stage, and he has said himself that he wishes he could have been Freddie Mercury.

Sadly, Jim Morrison never got the chance to show the world what he was fully capable of, due to his passing, but I think it's safe to say that if he hadn't died so young, he would have boozed his life away anyway.

They were both great entertainers in their own right, but for me, there will never be anyone who can replace Freddie Mercury, or take the frontman persona to greater heights.

R.I.P. Freddie and Jim !! We miss ya !!

What happened to Psychedelic rockers in the 60s that caused them to have breakdowns?

ex: Pinkfkoyds Syd Barrett, Doors' Jim Morrison...both were successful good looking rockstars and it seems as if they found out the meaning if life and went crazy...i understand they took tons of lsd etc. but why did so many people then have nervous breakdowns? syd got fat and bals, jim grew a beard and wanted to lose the sex god image, them he went to paris, where I believe he killed himself on puropse OD

Syd Barrett was nuts from square one. The psychedelia only made it worse. I don't believe Jim Morrison killed himself on purpose, he overdosed just like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. When you consider how many rockers overdosed and died or almost died, denying it is pretty silly. Morrison also had a massive ego and treated others around him like dirt. The music was good, Morrison was an azzhole. And members of bands have been having breakdowns since then, too. You just don't hear about it as often.

Did Jim Morrison actually ever say, "How many of you people are really alive"?

Or did they just put that in the movie? I'm writing an essay and I use this quote. I express the fact that Jim Morrison said this. But I need an accurate reference. If a script writer wrote it and not Jim Morrison, I need to know.

I don't remember exactly where this quote was used in the movie. For some reason I am thinking they said it during the Miami concert in the movie. I have never heard this quote used by Jim, yet I do not know every quote that he has ever said or written; it just doesn't stand out to me.

If you are looking for a similar quote that shows his feelings onstage you may want to see some of the other stuff that he said during the Miami concert. I included a link that talks about the concert and some of the quotes that he said as well as having audio (it may be difficult to hear what he is saying though). In a poem Jim uses the quote, "have you been born yet and are you alive" which may have a similar meaning in your paper.

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