When Did Ibm Stop Making Computers?

IBM Lenovo?

Are all IBM computers Lenovo now and vice versa?

What actually happened is that IBM decided to "outsource" their hardware division and simply sell (lease is more like it) the rights to use the IBM brand name and all trademarks because they figured out that it will give them enough income but with out the hassle.

So Lenovo won the rights to sell IBM's brand and "knowledge", and ever since all IBM computers are actually manufactured by Lenovo (which are selling their own brand as well), but the IBM branded computers are supervised by IBM to maintain the brand's quality and reputation.

What has happened to IBM computers?

What has happened to IBM computers. All I see these days is machined labelled "IBM Clones". What is the differerence?

IBMs are still around, see IBM.COM

IBM Clones are copies of an IBM. It means they behave exactly like an IBM. This was first coined back in the early 80s when there were IBM Compatibles and IBM Clones. The IBM compatibles would not run certain software and they were made by companies like TOSHIBA, COMPAQ, NEC, DELL etc whereas Clones were noname taiwanese copies.

I read somewhere that a true IBM clone is any machine that can run MS Flight Simulator.

why did Hitler use IBM computers? did america know this?lol?

ofcourse they did.

IBM did not manufacture computers during WW II. In fact, most IBM facilities were making military ordnance for the US military. In 1944 they released the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator, also called the Mark I. If Nazi Germany obtained one of these, they did so through black market channels.

IBM's first computer was not released until 1952. A little bit of research on your part would have saved you from asking a foolish question.

what is IBM?

The Acronym IBM stands for International Business Machines, Incorporated. IBM has been at the forefront of the technological wave from day one, creating some of the first computers, and even electrical components for typewriters and cash registers.

In the early days of computer creation, there was a huge legal battle looming over the many kinds of computers available. IBM, Franklin ACE and Apple were going to court because of the huge influx of computers who used the same operating system. As green boards (now called Mother Boards) were all PRINTED circuits, the computer manufacturers all felt that the "printed" copyrights would cover their intellectual property.

Then, IBM got the idea to make their operating system available to anyone who wanted it without recourse. Any company who wanted to could use the IBM basic operation system. IBM by this one move, created the entire IBM compatible computer system we see in place today. APPLE, on the other hand, did not. IBM computers grew at an increasing rate and Apple computers nearly went bankrupt.

Today, the term IBM computer is meant to be a computer running the original hardwire system created by IBM Inc. also knows as PC's.

IBM Computers vs. Apple Computers?

Lets say you repair IBM compatible computers—Gateway, Dell, Compaq, and Pavilion. What do you do if you come across an Apple computer? Are there software and hardware differences then an IBM compatible computer?

IBM and Apple are different in hardware and software.

Its very hard to find a spare for Apple where as IBM spares are available every where.

Apple comes bundled with most of the software you need.

Where as you need to buy them separately for IBM.

Apple's OS MAC wont run on IBM and IBM's OS like Windows, Linux wont run on MAC.

But recently MAC has released x86 Version of its MAC OS code named TIGER which would run on IBM.

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