When Did I Conceive?

Answer by Albina C. on Mar 3 2014

I am due October 1st and conceived on January 9th, so you definately would have conceived in January.

What is really good foods to eat when your trying to conceive?

Me and my fiance have been trying to conceive for about a year now. We really want a baby and have had no success. Please some help!

Unless you are starving or REALLY malnourished, your diet has nothing to do with your ability or inability to conceive.

If you've been trying for over a year, it's time to consult a doctor for a fertility evaluation. If you have blocked tubes or he has a low sperm count, there are no magic foods that will cure the problem.

In the meantime ... while you're waiting for your appointment ... yeah, chocolates good. It won't make you conceive any faster, but you'll feel better about life in general.

When to conceive after miscarriage?

I just had my first period (it has been 5 weeks). My doctor says I should wait 3 months but I see all of this information online that says 1 month is sufficient. I want to try again right away but I am afraid if I don't wait 3 months it may increase my chances of another miscarriage. Does anyone have any info on this?

Women are generally more fertile after a miscarriage. As soon as the hcg pregnancy hormone leaves your body you can try to conceive. Some doctors suggest women wait 3 months before trying to conceive but it is really up to you. (i had a miscarriage a month ago) My doctor said i can try to conceive after my next normal cycle because i did not need a D&C and i did not have any complications) If you feel that you are emotionally ready to try to conceive again then you should try. If you had started taking prenatal vitamins you should continue. You should also take a 400mg of folic acid everyday along with the prenatal and drink plenty of water. Early miscarriages are usually because of chromosomal abnormalities therefore, there is no reason to assume you would have another miscarriage. My period has also returned this month and i decided that i will try to conceive this month.

Trying to conceive while on birth control?

I'm trying to get pregnant, but for certain reasons, I'm forced to take birth control. (Tri-Sprintec) we're trying to conceive almost everyday. I also take Prozac and an anti-anxiety medicine. I also smoke JWH-018. (Which will stop if I conceive) i'm just wondering, under these circumstances, what are the chances i'll get pregnant?

Why are you forced to take birth control?

I assume you mean that you need to take it due to a medical issue? If you are taking it for things like heavy bleeding or cramping, you should stop if you want to conceive. If you are taking it for hormone replacement, you may not be able to conceive.

You need to have a conversation with your prescribing doctor about your desire to conceive.

Is someone forcing you to take it against your will? You have legal options, assuming you are legally of sound mind. Talk to a lawyer.

And no, you wont get pregnant on the pill unless you take it improperly or are super fertile and not on a high enough dose.

oh, and from your other questions.... did you kick the oxy habbit yet? You should not even be considering trying to conceive while you are chemically addicted to oxy. The nausea you experienced, was withdrawal. That is how fast a chemical addiction sets in. The amount of tylonal in the percs arent good for a fetus either, but the oxy will cause some hardcore birth defects.

How much exercise when trying to conceive?

Is the more exercise the better? Trying to build muscle and loose weight bad idea while trying to conceive? Is exercise important while trying to conceive ? Should it be 3 days a week?

Exercise is always important. It keeps you and your baby healthy. Be sure not to exurt yourself, get really hot or get dehydrated. You always wanna think, "I am pregnant and I need to be careful" so, don't run a lot or strain anything. Swimming is excellent and so is uphill walking! Throw in some LIGHT weight training and you're good to go!

What's the difference in meaning between perceive and conceive?

Perceive can mean to see or understand while conceive means to create, envision or birth.

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