When Did Hrithik And Suzanne Meet?

Who is Hrithik Roshan married to?

Suzanne Khan.
She is the daughter of Zarine Khan and to the director/actor Sanjay Khan.
She is also the brother of actor Zyed Khan and has three sisters. She grew up as a next door neighbor with Hrithik Roshan and she came to the United States to expand her career which is on Fashion Designs. When she went back to India a couple of years later. Then she and Hrithik were just friends until that friendship turned into love and the Hrithik proposed to her and now they are married with a sone named Rehan.

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what would happen if a lot of Hindhus and Muslim women and men got married and had chidlren?

why cant we all come together we are all Indians why cant we all be together why should cast and relegion divide us

@person above me
it has happened 4 ex. hrithik and suzanne got married and hrithik is hindu but suzanne is muslim and they followed both ways of marriage like hindu and muslim mixed lol

What is the origin of Hrithik Roshan's name?

He's got a cool name in my opinion Thanks, but no thanks-If I wanted a wikipedia answer I would have done so. Plus, wikipedia mentions nothing of his name.

Hrithik was born in Mumbai, India, to actress Pinky and actor Rakesh Roshan, who was himself the son of a well-known film-music director Roshan. Rakesh later turned to film production and direction. Hrithik's entry into acting extended the Roshan family role in Bollywood to the third generation.

The actor is married to Suzanne Khan, his high-school sweetheart. Suzanne is the daughter of actor/director Sanjay Khan and sister of actor Zayed Khan. Film clans (see List of Bollywood film clans) tend to intermarry.

Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan welcomed their first child, a baby boy, into the world on March 28, 2006, at 3:08pm at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, India. The child was named Hrehaan following the naming ceremony.[1]

is hrithik married? then who is it??

Hrithik wife's name is Suzanne Khan, who is the daughter of Sanjay Khan, niece of Firoz Khan & cousin to Fardeen Khan.
He is also a father of a baby boy Rehan

wht's the religion of hrithik roshan?

Hrithik's father is Hindu n mother is Muslim.
He got his father's one i.e. Hindu n also followed up his father to eventually marry Suzanne, who is Muslim.
Weird na !!!!!

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