When Did Gmo Foods Start?

what are some facts about GMO foods?

the question that i have is what are GMO foods and also how can somebody know what kinds of foods are GMO and how do you tell GMO foods from natural ones?

in the USA you cannot tell GMO food from non GMO food by looking at it. Certified Organic food will not have any GMO's as they are not allowed in Organic production. Pretty much all processed foods have one or more GMO component. basically if there is soy, corn, cotton (as in cottonseed meal) or canola in the ingredient list than it has GMO's in it (and almost all processed food has corn and soy)

Most whole fruits and vegetables are NOT GMO but there are a few on the market. There are GMO papayas (all from Hawaii) and yellow squash sold in groceries but not much else, yet (but it is coming)
So you can buy whole foods pretty safely at this point.

Lots of information at these sites

what are gmo products?

I want to stay away from gmo products for good. What are some of the products that contain gmo

GMO foods are foods that have their dna altered. These foods are injected with E Coli and other harmful bacteria and is believed to be harmful. Monsato is a company who makes GMO seeds so that they are "Round Up ready". This means that the seeds and plants can withstand being sprayed with chemicals during the growing season. I think you should watch the food documentary Food Inc because it can explain everything you need to know about GMO foods and how to avoid them. They are in processed foods and should be avoided at all costs.

GMO FOODS - What to do if true that there is no "natural" food left?

If it's true that all food today is at least somewhat made through GMO - could that be the reason why congress won't support having to label gmo foods - then we'd all see that all food is? Does anyone have any further information on this?

Corn, soy, canola, cotton, papaya, sugar beets and a few othwrs are GMO and unlabeled. There are still hundreds of non GMO crops out there in the world. if you want to stay away from them buy no not certified organic processed foods (soda, boxed cereal, ice cream, chips, frozen dinners, sauces, etc..) read lables and anything with corn, soy, canola cotton seed will have GMO in it.

Organics do not, period.

Buy whole foods from local sources or grow your own and learn to cook and you can avoid 99% of the GMO's out there.

What is wrong with GMO foods?

GMO foods can in the future can become a Major problem because if one virus creeps into a GMO food then it would effect all the foods with that same dna strand and a whole Field of crops could be ruined or a lot of people could die. There's nothing really that wrong with them but Organic food is healther.

Wholefoods Corn Non-GMO?

I know Wholefoods says it's GMO free. However I went and bought these pastries made at Wholefoods and I only realized it once I got home and had eaten a few that it contained corn starch in it. The packaging didn't not have Non-GMO Project label on it. So does it mean it's GMO or not? I also noticed all the chips had corn or soy it in but none were labelled organic. Should we stay away from the corn & soy products or trust that Wholefoods corn is GMO free?

No, Whole Foods says their in house brands are non GMO. They don't say everything in the store is non GMO.


If you bought anything other than their own brand or that's not labeled "non GMO", then it could very well be GMO. Over 90% of the soy raised and a high % of corn is GMO. So unless it'sGMbeled organic or non GMO, I'd assume it is.


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