When Did Gandhi Die?

Why many people hates Matama Gandhi, telling him as cause behind the separtion of counntries?

Why Nathu Ram Godse is treated like he did well by killing gandhi as whenever i study about Gandhi , I get very much impressed by him.

Gandhi ji was noble indian freedom fighter. He should never be hated bec of him we are living peaceful live today otherwise we had still been under british rule.

when was indira gandhi born and when did she die?

please mention the birth date and the death day of indira gandhi

November 19, 1917 – October 31, 1984



Was Gandhi a good leader as well as an effective leader?...Why or why not?

Gandhi(ji) came from a background far worse than yours and mine. He was born as the fourth child from the fourth wife of his father who had less than grade 3 education and his mother was illiterate. Gandhi was a below-average student, was married at age 13 and had fathered a son by age 16. He was too shy to participate in any extra-curricular activity and had not read a newspaper until he was 18. In fact he did not show any sign of leadership up to the age of 23.

And then, slowly but steadily, he rose to become one of the greatest leaders that this world has ever seen! Mahatma Gandhi was an outstanding leader. Hundreds, including Dr. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, have followed Gandhi's leadership techniques.

How does Gandhi represent the internalization and rejection of Western Values?

He did not accept modern industralization? What are some others? AND Can Gandhi's model of resistance and reform still be used successfully today?

Gandhi was critical of Western imperialism and capitalism.

Whilst Gandhi was preaching peace, around 1million Indians were killed by other Indians. The result of the violence was the partition of India. To claim that peaceful protest was successful is a myth propagated by liberal film makers.

Why do people some people say that Bhagat singh freed india instead of gandhi?

Okay I admit bhagat singh was a great man , as he came from the saem village as my grandfather as well , and died for our country i respect him deeply! , but still some ungreatfull bastards , say that gandhi wasn not anything to do that freed india , i mean come on! , we will still be ruled over the british raj to day if it wasn't for gandhi!

It takes a people to free a nation to independence, and unfortunately Mr. Gandhi got nearly all of the credit. He had many others working with him whose contributions have been overlooked over the years. Gandhi is almost synonymous with India. His greatness will last forever.

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