When Did Fsu Join The Acc?

Will the ACC lose more teams?

The ACC is losing Maryland as of 2014, and I understand that the potential for more to leave might be there if Maryland gets a favorable settlement over the ACC exit fee deal.

Earlier in the year there was reports that FSU and Clemson were in talks with the Big 12. If Maryland escapes the with a lesser exit fee from the ACC I can see both FSU and Clemson going to the Big 12. The reason is both schools have instate rivals in the SEC and they need to play better teams. Playing kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas is better than playing Duke, UNC, NC State, etc.

Now that said the ACC will be fine as UConn and USF will join once those 2 schools leave

If FSU wins the ACC Baseball Tournament will they get a national seed?

If FSU wins the ACC Tournament will they get a national seed?

There's no way of knowing for sure at this point but it is very very likely, even if they make it to the championship game they should get the #8 seed.

Right now a lot of experts have the #8 seed going to Georgia Tech if FSU can defeat them in the ACC tournament that will give this a shot also. A tournament win or championship appearance should lock it up though with Carolina getting one either way.

Is the ACC in trouble of losing more teams?

A lot of people keep rumoring that teams like FSU, Clemson, V-Tech, and NC State might be up for grabs, and Maryland already has left the conference (and has a pretty good chance of strongarming the ACC into cutting the exit fee down significantly).

I have heard that as well but the presidents of ACC schools (minus Maryland) plus Syracuse, Pitt and Louisville said that they are committed to the ACC but that could change. As of right now the Big 12 and SEC are not looking at expanding. The Big 10 has said they are just keeping an eye on what happens with conference realignment future.
If the ACC looses more schools they know they have Cincinnati, UConn and South Florida desperate to leave the Big East and would jump at the chance to join the ACC. With that being said they could be the first conference to have 16 schools in football (17 in all other sports) if they add them now.

To All the FSU, UF, and Miami Fans...?

Between those 3 teams, who has the biggest rivalry? When people on yahoo ask who the biggest college football rivalries are, I keep hearing FSU vs. Miami and UF vs. Georgia. I didn't grow up in Florida or anywhere down south for that matter, so I wasn't exposed to all those rivalries, but I did go to Florida State and while I was there the big rivalry was always FSU vs. UF. I graduated back in 2005 and as all you Seminoles know, the Miami game that year was a huge victory for FSU because it was the first time we beat them in football in over 5 years - so I won't discredit the FSU/Miami rivalry, but is it really bigger than the Seminoles vs. the Gators?

UM/FSU was more a rivalry before they came into the ACC. Now that they are in the league we play them every year and a possible chance of meeting again in the ACC title game. FSU/UF was really heated rivalry when Spuirrer was there and now it's not the same. It's more of a recruiting war more than anything. FSU plays both teams every year.

In the past all three teams had the chance for a title and that's why it was so important to win those games. There has been times when each school were 1 and 2 and it meant the winner was going to the title game.

What is wrong with the inbred hillbillies of West Virginia and stupid rumors about FSU, Clemson and Big 12?

On the WVU scout site( which I constantly troll-I probably should get a life for myself), they constantly have rumors about FSU Clemson and the Big 12. Of course, they always push back the date that they think the two teams will join the conference, because the fact of the matter is that Clemson and FSU will never join.

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