When Did Fdr Contract Polio?

What did FDR do about polio when he became president?

What did FDR do about polio when he became president? What quotes did he use to address polio. Thank you Please answer!

google "March of Dimes" and you'll see what he did and why FDR is on the ten cent piece.........

how do you give people polio, when supposedly it was eradicated a generation ago?

you give them a polio vaccination and claim paralytic symptoms are not the same thing

ALL of the polio cases in the United States from 1979 to the present are linked to getting the OPV.

If you want to get polio, get the OPV or stand next to someone who just got it. This is the vaccine being used in India and Nigeria currently. India is supposedly free of polio for one year now, but the infantile paralysis rates have grown exponentially in its place.

Many epidemiologists retrospectively believe that FDR had Guillan-Barre Syndrome rather than polio which attacked children or young adults; FDR was diagnosed with "polio" in the summer of 1921 at the age of 39.

In the 1940's, were children the only ones suseptable to Polio?

I know FDR had polio as well, but was that just a rare case? If not, how would one have gotten polio?

Great answer by John de Witt, but there were exceptions. Franklin Roosevelt was one. Three pediatricians on the staff of the children's hospital where I practiced contracted polio, two while in their pediatric residency.

What was the most common medication given for polio?

The most common medication around 1929 when FDR was diagnosed with polio, even the medication given to polio victims now will help. By the way, yes I do know that polio is very rare now a days, just I need to know for a history project, any answer will be greatly Appreciated :)

Anthony, as you probably know, although polio still exists in 4 countries in the world, there is none in the USA or Western Hemisphere any more. The symptoms of polio are caused by the poliovirus, which is a small RNA virus that is spread through contact with the oral mucosa (mouth, nose, etc). Most commonly, the virus attaches to and infects intestinal cells. Rarely, in 2% of the cases, the virus spreads from the gastrointestinal tract to the nervous system and causes paralytic disease. There is no effective medication to cure polio or any other virus-caused disease in the world. There is, at best, prevention of infection by effective immunization. Prior to the vaccine era and the use of modern ventilators, patients would be placed in an "iron lung" (a negative pressure ventilator, which was used to support breathing in patients suffering from paralytic polio).

where did polio come from? and has it evolved?

Polio was very widespread through Europe, Asia and Africa. The vaccine wasn't invented until 1952 by Jonas Salk.Polio has evolved because more people caught the virus today than earlier. Polio had evolved so much that today the virus was considered to be an epidemic during the 1900's. in the 1950's polio vaccines were produced to control the risk of the polio virus. With the invention of polio vaccines hundreds of thousands of people are less likely to be diagnosed with the polio virus.

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