When Did Ewtn Begin?

Catholics -Is Mother Angelica still alive ? (frm EWTN)?

Yes,she is.Visit EWTN's web site for more information about her health status and present condition.
I'm not sure,but,sometime in the last three to four years,she may have had a stroke,and,because of the nature of the stroke,she hasn't been able to do any more of her own programs.

However,many of her past programs are always repeated on the network,on EWTN's web site,and,on EWTN radio.

By the way,this past week,many people attended a week long birthday celebration for her in her hometown of Canton,Ohio.It was called an EWTN Family Celebration.The city also named a street after her.

I'm sure we'll all hear about it when she does pass away.

Does anyone familiar with Father Francis that left EWTN, know what happened to him? ?

I loved him so much, as well as all the regulars on the program. Will he return to EWTN or does anyone out here know. Thanks.

I'm sorry I do not know what came to be of him, only as to why he left (which most of us know by now why). It was quite an unfortunate situation, and whether he will come back or not only God knows. But he remains in my prayers as do all the regular hosts of EWTN (I love that network).

We should daily pray for our priests.

Catholics: Do you get EWTN in your area?

Did you know that EWTN is the only 24-hr global Catholic Cable channel? If you don't get it in your town, your parish should petition your local cable provider. EWTN carries great, authentic, Catholic programming. You can see the broadcast at their website: http://www.ewtn.com This is not an advertisement, just some information for Catholics, or people of ANY faith who would like to learn more.

We do have EWTN through our cable provider. They have wonderful, faithful Catholic programs, and also provide in-depth news coverage of important events. Their 24-hour coverage of Pope John Paul II's funeral and the conclave which elected Benedict XVI was outstanding.

EWTN also has radio. And in our area, since reception of EWTN radio is hit-or-miss, we alternatively listen to an AM station from the Ave Maria radio network -- which does broadcast some ETWN programming in addition to their own excellent shows.

Catholics-do you watch EWTN?

Is this a good channel/show or not good channel? What is your opinion on EWTN please. A catholic channel,i think it was started by Mother Anj(g?)elica? Its on satellite down here. Robert C-do you have any further information about that please?

EWTN is a good medium to learn or brush up on Catholic doctrines and helps dispel the lies and myths that have gone on far too long,my favourite spot on the channel is `The Journey Home`
God bless.

The Saints speak (ewtn minishow)?

Im wondering if anyone knows where i can buy these on dvd or watch them, im looking for one of St. Louis De montfort.

Contact EWTN directly on their website. They have almost all old shows available on DVD for a fee.

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