When Did Everyone Die In Lost?

can deadpool and wolverine die?

I know deadpool has a better healing factor that can heal even his brain but can he die? If so how? And can wolverine die? If deadpool can die wolverine can but can either of them die?

Yes they can.
There are many ways.

Easiest way is that one mutant who can negate other mutant powers, thus disabling their healing factor. If i recall (based on the movie at least), when wolverine lost his healing factor temporarily due to Rogue. All his wounds started to open up and he nearly died.
I'd assume with that if they lost that healing factor they'd pretty much fall apart from their past wounds.

I doubt they'd also live being thrusted into the sun, having every cell in their body destroyed, or the airless vacuum of space.

BTW, Can wolverine even swim? With those heavy bones of his. He'd sink like a metal stone.

LOST-Why did Desmond let Charlie DIE??

Im watching episodes from Season 3 and Desmond would kill Charlie to have his girl? I CANNOT BELIEVE HIM oK i feel sooo stupid now that i saw the rest of the episode. Whatever...So anyway who do u think is the hottest one on LOST

I MISS CHARLIE! I wish he didn't have to die...

If Hurley ever dies, that's the last straw. I'd stop watching the show all together.

Easy question: Does Firestar die in the Warriors series, and if yes, which book?

I am still reading on the Warrior cats series, and I'm just curious.

Firestar did not die yet, But he will probably die eventually in a series by how often he loses lives and that Erin Hunter keeps making more and more books and series. Firestar has 3 lives remaining he lost lives from Scourge, a fight against rats while protecting modern skyclan with their warriors and apprentices, a tree fell on him, a fox trap, greencough, and he lost a life when thunderclan and shadowclan fought.

when will superman die ?

superman cant die....at least thats what they want us to think...its true that he get weak from the green stone from his planet but he cant die from it..not even if theres a big amount of em..we can see that in both movies n smallville series...the only thing said about supermans lifespan was at loys n klark series when superman gave some kind of power to save lois from death..after that he said that if he was going to die sometime now that he lost some "power" he gonna die a bit sooner but not even him new if he actually gonna die sometime...in the very first movie tho we can see hes father and other elders in older age but i guess time has effect on them only in their planet and not in earth..
dont have a source for it just personal experience and fun of superman

Who dies in LOST(tv show)? Best Answer 10 pts!! =]?

Who dies in Lost? In the seasons 1-5, who dies? And what season does that person die? Plz Help. Im love Lost. I got the full package of Lost Season 1. I just started. BEST ANSWER 10 pts.

Ooh boy! I am completely addicted to lost, I have all 4 seasons, so I can name everyone! But it will spoil a lot...so watch out.

Charlie...Season 3 finale
Jin...Season 4 finale
Shannon - Season 2
Boone - Season 1 or maybe 2
Mr. Eko - (he is a tail section character) dies in Season 2 or 3
Nikki and Paulo (random characters) die in Season 3
Ana-Lucia (she is a character from the tail section you will meet later) - Season 2
Libby (another tail section character) - Season 2
Walt - kidnapped in Season 2
Michael - disappears with Walt then comes back and dies in Season 4 finale
Danielle Rousseau (an explorer, you might not know her yet) - dies Season 4 finale
Alex Rousseau (Danielle's Daughter) - dies, season 4 finale
Alex's boyfriend Karl - dies, season 4 finale
Locke - Season 5...unknown reason for death
also Claire is kind of dead (there is no confirmation)

and a ton of "Others"...you probably don't know about the others yet but they are introduced with Ethan Rom in season 2 and are creepy people living on the island. Many of them die.

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