When Did Equine Therapy Begin?

Equine assisted therapy?

I'm really interested in getting into this, but I cannot find the degree or training that you need to to Equine Assisted Therapy, help please?

Why don't you contact places that offer equine-assisted therapy, explain why you're asking, and inquire as to what training their employees must have or what they're looking for when they hire therapy assistant? This will provide you information as to needed character traits and temperament, as well as education and training. It may also give you an inside track on any internships or part-time jobs that come open in the meantime.

Equine physical Therapy?

I am considering a career in equine physical therapy and I wanted to know if there is much call for it in Australia, also how much does it pay

I have a friend whom is an Equine Therpist. I live near the Horse Capital so its huge around here. It all depends on your location and how big the horse industry is in that area.
The pay is at your rate but its not to bad!

How many Equine Sport Massage Therapy jobs are in the United States?

Also, What type of degree (or training) is needed to become a ESMT?

Equine sports massage therapy is a relatively new field and is just now gaining acceptance in the horse world. There aren't many trained equine sports massage therapists out there, so now is a great time to begin your career and get a jump on the competition!

How much you make as an equine sports massage therapist will depend on where you work and on the rates charged by other therapists in your area. Most equine sports massage therapists find they can charge anywhere from twenty-five to eighty dollars for a sixty- to ninety-minute massage.

More important than what you charge for your services will be how you market yourself. You have to get to know the local veterinarians, trainers, and horse owners and must show them you're a skilled professional. You have to be able to show how what you do is of benefit to their horses. Then, once you've convinced them to give your work a try, you have to put your talent to work. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding!

how much does it cost to have a gene therapy? approximately?

about how much does it cost to have a gene therapy in a hospital, if it is done there, and if not, where is it done?

Gene therapy is not available commercially for use in humans for the treatment of any condition. All forms of gene therapy and related tech are still in clinical trials. The only successfully commercialized gene therapy products are for use in animals - such as the equine west nile virus vaccine.

Things like DNA based vaccines will begin to come on the market within the next decade or so, but these are not the sort of things people think about when they hear of gene therapy.

Equine Physical Therapy?

I want to become an equine physical therapist and work in the race horse industry rehabilitating injured race horses and stuff. But there really isn't any information on where to go to school or what you need to major in or what degree you need. I would like to go to University of Kentucky. So how do you become an equine physical therapist?

In the US, in most states you can either first become a licensed DVM (doctor of veterinary medicine) and then become certified in animal physical therapy, or in many states you can become licensed as a human physical therapist and perform on animals with veterinary supervision. Very few schools offer specific training and certification in equine physical therapy, and typically only licensed DVMs or licensed human physical therapists qualify for admission. State regulations vary though, so you have to check the requirements in the state(s) where you plan to practice.
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How to Select an Equine Physical Therapy School
Many states define physical therapy as rehabilitation of a human subject, and licensed physical therapists may be authorized to provide the same services to animals under the supervision of a veterinarian. Students with a specific interest in equine physical therapy may find certificate or degree programs available. Requirements vary considerably, with some programs admitting only licensed veterinarians. Students should verify they meet eligibility requirements prior to enrollment.


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