When Did England Invade Ireland?

America, if England and Ireland were fighting each other, and America was forced to help, who would you help?

Would you want to help England, invade Ireland, or would you help Ireland to fight England.

I think I would sit on the sidelines alongside the Scottsman as we drink a hefty amount of Ale and laugh as we point at the Englishman and Irishman having their pillow fight.

I would just ask my Scottish friend, "Are they like this all the time?" and expect my Scottish friend to answer, "Ahy, Missy! W@nkers to the end, the lot of them. Full of P!ss and wind and not much else."

Should the ICC do something ( or are they doing someting) to.......?

get eoin morgan to play for ireland again..it is imporant for the development of irish cricket which is flourishing day by day..i think the ICC should prevent full members from stealing associate talent.. zed, but im sure he can get an IPL contract easily...money wont be a matter then

If Morgan wants to play for Ireland then he will have to wait 4 years to be able to qualify to play for Ireland again.

It's unfair that England keep stealing Ireland's best talent, it basically means that Ireland will only ever be as good as England want them to be.

However it's not money that influences these players to join England. It's all about Test Cricket, both Ed Joyce and Eoin Morgan have stated that the reason they left Ireland to play for England is because they have a strong desire to play Test match Cricket.

So it's up to the ICC to award Test status to Ireland soon, or England will keep taking their players. Unfortunately for Ireland, England are doing nothing illegal and it's basically down to the player at the end of the day

So England is giving money to Ireland, but should England bail Ireland out of the Euro?

Ireland should have never joined the Euro in the first place, they should have kept the Punt!

It's not in anybody's interest to cripple Ireland financially. Being in the Euro is better than being out. The easiest way of stopping/slowing the next financial meltdown, would be to restrict bank lending to the value of property taken at an average of the last 8 years. Then banks would have secured loans, and this would be much less likely to happen.

Why is Northern Ireland still apart of the united kingdom?

I'm interested on what others think as the only reason why England invaded ireland in the first place was because it was surrounded by Roman Catholic countries and therefore afraid of being attacked. England now has no fear of being attacked since they're friends with practically everyone now and yet they continue to rule it. I don't understand doesn't it cost them millions? When clearly they don't benefit (money wise). I would also like to say I have nothing against english people as I realise england now has a very kind and caring relationship with ireland.

I'm English born and raised and I think northern Ireland should become part of a united ireland, it has a lot more in common with Ireland than England, it's possible Scotland may even break away soon, so there would really be a united kingdom for them to be part of.

What people need to remember is there are 9 counties in ulster not 6, it wa partitioned in a very corrupt way so there would be a Protestant majority for a very long time, most English people want it to be part of Ireland, it is the unionists who live there that are the most stubborn.

What were the financial advantages of England colonizing Ireland in the 18th centry?

Financial advantages for England to colonize Ireland? I am looking for detailed information on the financial advantages for What were the financial advantages when England colonize Ireland in the 18th century. I know land gain was a big one but still need other reasons- natural resources - what they were. looking for information on the specific economic boost Ireland had that England wanted.

To be precise, England had "colonized" Ireland in stages since the early 16th century. The proximity of the island had always presented a challenge to the English throne as a ready and close source of an army as well as providing a safe haven for opponents. After Henry VIII, there was also a religious difference.

By the 18th century, England was stripping Ireland of food for the burgeoning population of London and the changes in their economy from the rise of industrialization. A consequence of the Napoleonic wars and the need for an immense fleet also created a big demand for large trees to be used for masts. Ireland's forests were cut to support the Royal Navy's needs during this period.

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