When Did Email Become Popular?

Question About Email?

I sent an email, and got an automated reply that he is on vacation. Was the email still delivered to his inbox? The email did not bounce.

The email has been received by the email server and will be in the contacts Inbox when they next log in to their email.

They have basically set up an 'autoresponse' to send an email from the recipients accounts when they receive an email whilst unavailable/on vacation. This just lets the person who sends the email know that there may be a delay in receiving a response and/or the email being read.

Who thinks communicating through email is better than talking on the telephone?

I do. I am not a talker. So who ever thought of email is a genius. And now having a email address is becoming as popular as having a telephone number to be reached at.

depends on who youre in communication with.
sometimes that could make it more awkward in person with them.

-answer some of my questions?
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how do u delate an email

how do delate an email account email

Email account or email? If it's just email, then select the email you want to delete, and there should be (there is on most email accounts I've seen, anyway) a red X at the top-ish of the screen. If you click on the X, the selected email will be deleted. (If you're not sure about the X thing, though, you can let your cursor sit over the picure of the X, and in the bottom LH of your screen, (above 'start') the word 'delete' or something like that will appear...or it should.)

what does CC stand for in a received email?

i got sent an email to my email address and in the email it said who it was to, from, and then it said CC and someone elses email. what does CC mean?

Carbon Copy

You were the main recipient but someone else was also copied on the conversation because they need to know what's going on.

Is your games with friends email the same as your iTunes email on iPod touch 4 generation?

Hi so I just got scramble from zynga and you need to put in an email before you start to play it. Is that email tour apple id iTunes email? And if not and if you put in a different email will it change your iTunes email to that one too? Very confused plz help thank u.

yes it is its ur itunes id so most of everythig it say enter email it ur apple id and psssword if they ask for password too

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