When Did Doris Day Die?

Doris Day??

Anyone else out there a fan of Doris Day?? I know she had a reputation of being a goody-two-shoes but I think she is beautiful, had a figure to die for and an amazing voice.

doris rocks...she was my childhood hero!!

Did Doris Day Die in 2011?

if so when did she die?

Doris Day is still very much alive and is living in California.

We just lost former first lady, Betty Ford. She was 93.

When did Doris day die?

My poor baby, how and when did she die?

Think you've got the wrong information.
Doris is still very much alive.

Hey, did Doris Day pass away at 84?

No, she's just a recluse now. After seeing her best pal Rock Hudson die of AIDS, then her husband take all her money and beat her, I think this woman has seen it and done it all, plus having another hubby who was a closet gay guy. But Vivian Vance of the old I love Lucy show (Ethel) met a gay man and turned him around, so why couldn't Doris do it? It's sad because she is such a wonderful lady and loves animals but let's face it, by 84 she probably feels dead!

Know any good knock knock jokes?

Knock knock
Who's there?
Doris who?
Doris locked, I'm coming in through the window

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