When Did Don Knotts Die?

What day did Don Knotts die?

December 24

Can I do Knotts Berry Farm and Soak city in one day?

Hi , God welling , I am planning a trip to USA and in Anaheim for 4 days , I planned already spending 3 days at Disneyland , so Can I do Knotts soak city with Berry farm in a full day to night ? and do you recommend going to knotts before or after disney? and we are family with kids so you recommend us knotts or six flags in LA?

Yes, you can. You can buy a special package so you can do that.

why are the roller coasters at knotts scary open during the haunt?

The rides at universal halloween horror nights closes in October and then open the scary stuff at 7pm. I wish knotts will close all the rollercoasters that are not part of knotts scay farm mazes and scare zones at 7pm. I am not afriad of rollercoasters. I get sick from rollercoasters. My friends will not go on the mazes with me. I have to go on the mazes and scare zones by myself.

Knotts is the original Haunt, they have done it that way for years. Also Knotts isn't as big and the maze lines are an Hr to sometimes 2 1/2 Hrs wait already. If they closed down all the other coasters that would send the line wait for the mazes through the roof.

Knotts scary farm...?

If i want to go to knotts berry farm and knotts scary farm, do I have to pay twice? because it says in their website that they open knotts berry farm at 10-5:30 and then reopen at 7:00 for knotts scary farm.

Yes you do.

Knott's Scary Farm is what is known as a "Hard" Ticket event. That is the regular day ticket will not work for Knott's Scary Farm, just as the Knott's Scary Farm ticket will not work during the day.

They basically close down all of the rides, clear the park at 5:30pm and re-open the gates at 7pm for the evening.

when did knotts berry farm open?

When did Knotts Berry Farm open?

Knotts Berry Farm Opened In 1940 And It Was Founded By Walter Knotts.

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