When Did Dodgers Move To La?

Why do LA Dodgers fans think the Dodgers are better than the SF Giants?

SF Giants have 7 World Series titles and the LA Dodgers have 6, when I made this argument a Dodgers fan said this, "In California, Dodgers have won 5 Giants have won 2." Don't the Giants have more championships than the Dodgers? Is this what arguing with Dodgers fans is gonna be like from now on?

Sometimes people argue over the most idiotic stats and are blind to the overall big picture.

Why exactly did the Giants and Dodgers move from New York to California?

The Yankees-Giants, Yankees-Dodgers, and Giants-Dodgers were some of the greatest rivalries in baseball history. Back than, a World Series Subway Series happened almost every other year.

Robert Moses, who was the most powerful man in NYC at the time, blocked the Dodgers from getting the location they wanted to build a new stadium, and offered them the site where Shea Stadium now stands. That was unacceptable to the Dodgers. Since LA was desperate to get a team, they offered them the Chavez Ravine land at no cost. O'Malley needed another team to go with him, and the Giants were thinking of going to Minnesota, as they were losing money at the Polo Grounds, so he convinced Horace Stoneham(NY Giants owner) to go further west to SF, where Stoneham got a good deal almost similar to what O'Malley got in LA. Also keep in mind this was the beginning of the suburbs and affordable cross-country air travel.

What do New Yorkers think of the Dodgers?

Are the Dodgers still held in respect or supported by New Yorkers? I have heard that many just stopped supporting them when they moved to LA seeing them as a different team. Did everyone switch on mass to the Mets when they were created? Or is there still a fanbase back east? The Dodgers still seem to make a lot of their history back in Brooklyn. I love the history of baseball and the Dodgers seem to be one of the most history rich. Thanks for any insights you can give.

My father was a diehard Brooklyn Dodgers fan, who hated the NY Yankees (they were the "enemy"). When the Dodgers moved to LA, he was heartbroken. I think he tried to follow them through newspaper box scores and so forth -- but LA Dodgers games weren't broadcast on NY TV or radio so that was hard. And he refused to switch allegiances and root for the Yankees. When the NY Mets were formed in the 1962 National League expansion, Dad enthusiastically became a Mets fan and remained one for the rest of his life.

Anyone else think the Cardinals are still the best team in the NL?

I still think so, even though they got eliminated. Not saying the Dodgers are a fluke, but the Cardinals have a better team than them. No one expected the Dodgers to win, other than those fans in L.A. Almost all of the "experts" picked the Cardinals to come out of the NL, and rightfully so. Two Cy young candidates, best player in the league, and a good manager. This goes to show that the best team doesn't always win.

The playoff system and not the "experts" provides the method to determine the best team in each league. Right now, it's down between the Phillies and Dodgers. The Cardinals didn't pass the test.

This is why the games are played on the FIELD and not in someone's imagination. Accept the facts and move on.

Where did the Dodgers,San Fran. Giants, Milwaukee Braves, Kansas city A's,Orioles move to in the 1960s?

The Braves moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta in 1965
The A's moved from KC to Oakland in 1968

The Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Giants moved to LA and SF in 1958. The St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles in 1954.

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