When Did Dicky Eklund Go To Prison?

How long was Dicky Eklund, played by Christian Bale in THE FIGHTER, in jail?

The movie did not make clear the specific to/from prison time of the trainer. They made his son look not much aged when he was released, so it looked like a relatively short sentence, but his bio said 10-15 years. What year year/month did his term start & end?

An article from Mens Health Magazine. His sentence was 10 to 15 yrs but he only served 5 yrs

"By the time Dicky’s career ended, in 1985, he’d racked up 19 wins and 10 losses and picked up a fierce crack habit. His spiral into drugs and prison devastated the Eklund family — his mother, Alice; his seven sisters; Micky. Dicky was featured in the 1995 HBO documentary High on Crack Street and was later sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison for, among other things, kidnapping and masked armed robbery. (He and a hooker friend had been luring johns they’d then rob at gunpoint.) It’s only when he got out of jail, after five years, that his younger brother’s fighting career gave him focus. As one of Ward’s trainers, Dicky helped his half brother win the WBU World Championship title in 2000, which is where Hollywood rolls the credits on their story. Micky Ward would go on to bigger and more profitable fights, taking on the late Arturo Gatti in three epic battles that netted him $1 million each. (The first and third fights landed both men in the hospital and each was crowned Ring magazine’s Fight of the Year.) Micky retired in 2003 with a record of 38 wins — 27 by knockout — and 13 losses. Today, he runs a gym in nearby Chelmsford. Dicky had been training boxers at a Cambodian gym in downtown Lowell — a gym that had been renovated to house his training business — but lately he hasn’t been showing up. Now he trains fighters at Micky’s."

What is Spotted Dick?

I live in Virginia, and there are a lot of Brits living here. I don't know how it works in the UK, but in the US if the grocery store doesn't have what you want, they can order it; so now we have an "international aisle" with many foreign foods. The Brits have ordered marmite, clotted cream, colman's mustard, boddington's pub ale, Heinz baked beans, and something that comes in a can called "spotted dick" What is it? DJ Remtown: that's just gross. Richard R: Don't go with them, or use a condom.

Spotted dick is a traditional English steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit (usually currants), commonly served with either custard or butter and brown sugar. Spotted refers to the dried fruit (which resemble spots) and Dick may be a contraction/corruption of the word pudding (from the last syllable) or possibly a corruption of the word dough.[1] It is possibly conjugated originally from sticky pudding to dicky pudding to dicky to dick and finally spotted dick as in pudding with raisins. It is also known as spotted dog, plum duff, steamed dicky, figgy dowdy, dotted lloyd, packphour's lament, dicky widmark as well as plum bolster, Spotted Richard and, occasionally, Dickie Burton after the famous actor.

What are some questions about alcatraz island?

ex./ How was Alcatraz prison different from other United States penitentiaries? What was the community’s view of the island being used as a prison? im runnin out of ideas!

You could ask about it's history as a military prison
-it's history with American Indians
-stories of escapes
-how it transitioned from a military prison to a civilian prison
-why it was eventually shut down
-what parts are closed off to the public now

Question about Jail / Prison?

I heard that a sentence over 2 years you will go to prison and anything under is jail. However i just saw on the news that someone is being sentenced 12 years in jail. So What determines if you will go to jail or prison?

Jail is One Year, Max, Per Conviction. It Might be possible to get Consecutive sentences. Or, where you are released in twelve months and ordered to turn around and go back in.

The reporter probably slipped and meant "prison". Happens.

What determine? Felonies can get prison. Misdemeanors can get jail. Sometimes, in a plea bargain, a fel. can get jail or probation/diversion/community service/fine, or some mixture of all but no prison.

REF: Got PB for fel, no prison. My 9 months I sat in jail awaiting trial were credited towards the possible 12 months I could have served in prison

EDIT: In AZ, Prison is one year or more. Jail is one year , max, per sentence. Prison, you have to do 80% , the judge tells you. So, with good behavior, abiout 10 months.

REF: Been There, actually Live in AZ . My lawyers, going to court 15X .

Netflix/prison break?

Is their any other tv drama like prison break on Netflix? I love prison break but I've done watched all the seasons.

Netflix just made an original program called Orange is the New Black which is set in a women's prison.
They're not trying to escape, but it is good.
Oz is also set in prison, I've not seen it, but I've heard great things about it. No idea if it's on Netflix.

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